Wes Anderson Finally Confirms His Star-Studded Cast For ‘The Grand Budapest Hotel’


So, we’ve heard lost of great rumors about the cast for Wes Anderson’s upcoming movie, The Grand Budapest Hotel. Any of y’all who are fans of his work (The Royal Tenenbaums, Moonrise Kingdom, etc.) have probably been following the news, and although it was a bummer to learn that Johnny Depp would not be joining the cast, we’ve got some official casting news that’s worth getting excited about. Click inside for more!

Complex has the deets:

In case you weren’t aware, we were huge fans of Wes Anderson’s Moonrise Kingdom when it came out this past summer. Packed with tons of charm, wit, and inventive imagery, this movie showed Anderson at his stylistic best, without feeling like he was treading on well-worn ground. The success of Moonrise also made us eagerly anticipate any information on his next movie, The Grand Budapest HotelAnd in a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Anderson finally revealed some actors that have been confirmed to appear in the film.

According to the director, Ralph FiennesTilda SwintonJeff GoldblumWillem DafoeF. Murray Abraham,Jude LawAdrien BrodyEdward NortonHarvey KeitelJason SchwartzmanBill MurrayMathieu Amalric, and Saoirse Ronan all have roles in the movie. Plus, he said Owen Wilson will likely have a small part in it as well.

We’ve heard some of these names attached to the movie before, but now we have the information set in stone from the man himself. This is an extraordinary cast of talent that can each add to the quirky tapestry of Anderson’s world. We’re secretly hoping that Harvey Keitel reprises his Bad Lieutenant role in this movie, but that might be asking for a bit too much.


Ummm. Yespleasemorethankyou!!! I’m so glad we finally have the official casting list, so I know how crazy excited to be. Very crazy excited, apparently. Oh, and they didn’t mention my homegirl Angela Lansbury, but she’s also been confirmed.

It was such a treat when Tilda Swinton popped up in this summer’s Moonrise Kingdom! It’ll be fun to see where and how everyone is worked in to the new script. Anybody else crazy pumped for this one?


  • Megan

    My fellow Irish girl Saoirse Ronan is landing some great roles, love her!

  • Sam

    I loved the Darjeeling Limited which featured Adrien Brody, Jason Shwartzman AND Owen Wilson….hmmmm…this sounds mighty interesting!

  • kendra

    I almost crapped myself over this cast! Everyone is so great! And, really, Wes Anderson can do no wrong in my eyes..

  • D Adama

    Yay!!! Love Wes Anderson movies. Great cast but i could do without Adrien Brody to be honest. Thank God Johnny Depp wasnt cast..you just know he’d be playing the odd character but he’d do it in a way that is annoying. Like he’d be the character who thinks Bill Murray is his dad and he follows him around collecting his used napkins, bits of his hair and dandruff for his scrapbook, he wears kilts in a bathtub with blackface cos his dead mom is half Scottish and Nigerian and he will put on a god awful accent that he cant properly do. Be annoying elsewhere, JD, but not on a godamn Wes Anderson movie.

    • Shannon

      D Adama, ‘he’d be the character who thinks Bill Murray is his dad and he follows him around collecting his used napkins…’ LMAO!!! FTW!!!