Watch: Lindsay Lohan Gets A Room Makeover On ‘Million Dollar Decorators,’ Then Backs Out Of Shooting The Full Episode


If you’ve been watching Bravo’s Million Dollar Decorators, then you know how the typical episode is supposed to go. Kathryn Ireland comes into some fancy schmancy home, gives it a makeover, and then the homeowners show up for the ‘big reveal,’ and gush and weep all over their gorgeous new pad (Disclaimer: I’ve never watched the show… I’m just assuming). But it doesn’t really work without that big reveal, right? Well, Lindsay Lohan (who’s been enjoying a pretty drama-free holiday season) apparently does not get that because she just backed out of filming that scene for her episode of the show, and the folks at Bravo are obviously pissed. They did spend $200,000 renovating her spot, so… yeah. Now Lindsay did do some filming, and you can watch a clip above. Click inside to read more about the drama. It’s LiLo!

The HuffPost has the story:

After all the negative feedback Lindsay Lohan received for her performance in “Liz & Dick,” the actress is bravely stepping back into the spotlight. Or is she?

At a New Year’s Eve party last year, Lohan reportedly asked famous decorator Kathryn Ireland if she could be the subject of an episode of Bravo’s “Million Dollar Decorators.”

After spending over $200,000 on the actress, Lohan announced she would not be appearing on the show’s reveal episode, according to Radarr.

While Bravo stated that Lohan “was not available for the reveal shoot, but we were still able to capture the outcome, just like we do for many of the reveal episodes,” Ireland wasn’t quite as complacent.

“I didn’t know who she was when I met her,” Ireland told “The New York Post.” “It was only when she said to her sister, ‘Wouldn’t you love a mother like her?’ that I thought ‘How rude’ and turned to someone and [asked who she was].”

The past few months haven’t been easy for Lohan career-wise. The actress was reportedly left “devastated” after her film “Liz & Dick” was heavily criticized.

“Those reviews would have been irrelevant had she delivered massive numbers,” Media Masters’ Amy Rosenblum told HuffPost. “‘Steel Magnolias’ got 6.5 million viewers. Had Lindsay got a number like that, that would be the story. The reviews and Twitter comments would become invisible. Unfortunately for Lindsay, that wasn’t the case.”

Lohan’s episode of “Million Dollar Decorators” will air on Tues., Jan. 1 on Bravo.


According to TMZ, Lindsay was available for some other scenes (like the shopping sequence) but then stopped returning calls from the network. Apparently, “the home is now so messy … it’s completely unfilmable.” So they’ll be using some footage that they shot right after the renovation.

Sounds like the big reveal moment will be kinda awkward… what with no homeowner there to  actually enjoy the big reveal. But I guess that’s kinda what they get for “casting” LiLo.

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  • Jstar

    She was renting that place and then couldn’t afford to pay the rent….

  • Diana

    In typical Lohan fashion. She hires these people do redecorate her room, but after she’s gotten what she wanted, she doesn’t follow through with her part of the deal. This is why her life is the way it is. She’s selfish and irresponsible.

  • Karen

    It is amazing how many new and different ways she finds to show how much of a disaster she is.

    • adam

      Yep. Incredible.

  • miguel


  • Sarah

    she sounds like my grannie..

  • Lauri

    You’d think they’d have something in the contract before the remodel that they have to be filmed or repay what the makeover cost..