Watch: A$AP Rocky Releases A Beautiful And Haunting New Video For ‘Long Live A$AP’


As I may or may not have exhibited when Rihanna dropped her Cockiness single, I may or may not have a huge thing for A$AP Rocky… lol. No, but yeah. Seriously. He’s hot! The Harlem rapper’s highly-anticipated debut album gets released next month (although it’s already leaked), and we got to hear one of the tracks (featuring Skrillex) last week. I was really excited to see his new video for the title track Long Live A$AP; I’m not sure what I was expecting, but this video (created by his Goldie director, Samantha Lecca), definitely exceeded those expectations. A$AP is dolo, a king in a palace of some very strange goings-on. I think the eery black and white visuals (i.e. creepy-looking women slipping out of bathtubs) bring the song to life, making this track a real experience in art. In fact, I’d probably say it’s the best rap video I’ve seen in a minute. Oh, and although he’s not credited on the tracklist, I’m pretty sure that’s Pharrell on the hook. Peep the video more!

Long.Live.A$AP debuts on January 15, 2013.