Mariah Carey Shares The Cutest Holiday Photos Ever Of Dem Babies


Over the last few days we’ve gotten to see some really cute holiday pics from some of our favorite celebrities. Neil Patrick Harris shared adorable photos of his twins in the absolute best Santa outfits ever, and Britney Spears shared pics of her puppy Hannah, dressed as Santa’s little helper on Twitter. Mariah Carey, without whom Christmas just ain’t the same, is now joining in on the fun, and honestly? These pictures are just the best. Mama Mimi is truly in her element with Dem Babies, Monroe and Moroccan Scott, and Papa Nick Cannon (AKA Ol’ Saint Nick). As Trent predicted, the whole family is looking fabulous up in Aspen. Peep the gallery for more!

  • bleedingEars

    Is it wrong to want to take a pair of glasses from a child’s face and break those glasses by stomping on them because you hate those glasses so very much?

    • @bleedingEars — Yes, it is! That poor baby has to wear those glasses, they’re not a fashion statement. Poor dear.

    • Nat

      defuq?Really?I love those glasses!Why poor?Would you say the same about a toddler who has to use,crutches,a wheelchair or leg braces?They are not poor-they are doing just fine.

  • nicole

    i think Monroe is just the cutest thing EVER. the pics Mimi posts on instagram of her..freakin adorable.
    can’t lie, i check atleast once/twice a month. i just love this side of Mimi & her family.

    • Shannon

      nicole, Dem Babies is like, my happy fix… lol. I couldn’t believe how cute these pictures were! Plus, I get to obsess over their Aspen crib :)

    • nicole

      haha, i totally understand the happy fix. i mean you cant look at these pics and now smile

  • LaToya

    These pics are adorable!

  • rOXy

    The CUTEST pictures hands down, imo. Every one of those could be a still from a music video of Mariah’s AIWFCIY. They are going to need an entire vault to house their family pictures by the time dem babies go to college.