Lady Gaga And Terry Richardson Are Making A Movie Together


Remember last month when we got to see all those teaser clips for Lady Gaga’s Terry Richardson-directed  video for her rap song Cake? And I was all like, it’s looks sooo ratchet, I just can’t wait to see it? LOL, well, still no word on the official Cake video (bummer for me), but in the meantime, Lady Gaga and Terry Richardson are teaming up again. Click inside to learn more about the Mama Monster documentary headed our way!

Fashionista has the story:

Disappointed with your Christmas presents this year? Well, there was one more you might have missed–and it was from your pals Lady Gaga and Terry Richardson.

The dynamic pop star/photographer duo will be teaming up yet again for what may be their biggest project yet: a film.

Gaga confirmed the news on Twitter yesterday, writing

Merry Christmas little monsters! Terry Richardson @Terry_World is making a #LadyGagaMOVIE documenting my life, the creation of ARTPOP + you!

ARTPOP being the name of her next album.

Last year, the two released a photography book, for which Richardson followed Gaga around for 10 months. Rumors followed that they were also planning to release a film, but this is the first official confirmation we’ve heard.

Nothing was off limits” for the book and we’re hoping the same rules apply for this film.

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And in case you’re curious. This is pretty much what it looks like when Gaga and Terry team up:

Oh, and here’s a clip of Gaga reading the intro to their book… she really, really loves Terry. So there’s that.

Anyway! The ladies over at Fashionista are definitely excited for this one. I, however, am patiently awaiting the debut of the Cake video. Until that one pops off, I’m in limbo. Although, maybe the full video will be in the doc… and that’s how she’ll get me to watch it?!?! Aghhh! Genius!

Still, I love a good documentary. And even though I still have beef with Gaga over what she did to my Kendrick Lamar, at least she’s not… like… directing the documentary herself. Wink.

What do y’all think? Are you into this project?



  • LiQue

    i used to love gaga,but her star faded for me when i saw her live. this to me is another attempt to her Blond Ambition Tour obssession and that part of time when that other blond did her own documentary one of the best ones out there.

    • Krissy

      There are a whole lot of documentaries out there about musicians, especially just the past few years (Katy Perry, Justin Beiber, Miley Cyrus, etc.). To act like this is a Madonna thing is a bit of a stretch. The fact is, documentaries cost very little to make and therefore, are very profitable even if they make little money (see the Perry movie).

    • @Krissy — “To act like this is a Madonna thing is a bit of a stretch.”

      I agree. Docs are a brilliant way to market albums and tours so it makes sense for any artist to make a documentary. I’m actually surprised Gaga hasn’t made a documentary already.

  • nicole

    i just hope this one goes straight to DVD. this docs are just getting a little out of hand. and well having Terry behind it, im expecting a messssssssssy movie.

    anyways, i cant be the only one thinking this is coming at a bad time? i mean she has no new music or anything. you only hear about her when peta is complaining. unless shes releasing this with some kind of new project.

    • @nicole — “anyways, i cant be the only one thinking this is coming at a bad time? i mean she has no new music or anything.”

      I believe this doc is meant to coincide with the release of her next album ArtPop

    • nicole

      @Trent- oh yeah..totally forgot about ArtPop..meh.