The First Song Recorded In Space Is Beamed Back To Earth


While we Earthlings went about our business and celebrated Xmas here on planet Earth, the astronauts aboard the International Space Station in orbit enjoyed their own brand of Xmas celebrating. ISS commander Colonel Chris Hadfield is more than an astronaut, it turns out that he is also a musician as well. While in space, Hadfield composed and recorded a song titled Jewel in the Night … which was shared with those of us here on Earth as an extra special Xmas gift. Click below to learn more about this song, the first recorded in space, and give it a listen.

The first ever musical recording in space (that we know of anyway) was performed just a few days ago on the International Space Station by Col. Chris Hadfield, commander of the International Space Station. The song, which is already climbing up Reddit’s r/Music page, is an original Christmas Carol called Jewel in the Night. Based on the commander’s Facebook and Twitter pages, he and his crew are celebrating Christmas in every way possible while they’re away from their families. They even have a Christmas tree on the ceiling, thanks to what the commander calls “the beauty of a weightless Christmas.”

The song is interesting, as it depicts Christmas from a birds’ eye perspective, from space. The International Space Station crew is spending Christmas as far away from Earth as possible, and while I try to stick with the classics, no situation is more suited to an original melody.

How freaking amazing is this? While, IMHO, the song is just OK … I am just astounded that it was created in space. I mean, yes, the astronauts in space have a LOT of work to take care of on a day to day basis (at least, I think they do) but I’m also quite certain that they have a lot of downtime as well. So, why not create music? If you would like to read the lyrics or listen to the song on You Tube, you can do so HERE. What do y’all think about Jewel in the Night? It’s neat, right? Enjoy!

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