Randi Zuckerberg Has The Gall To Complain Publicly About Facebook Privacy Concerns


So … how’s this for irony … Randi Zuckerberg, sister of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, posted a photo on her Facebook profile that was shared with not only her FB friends but anyone else who subscribed to her feed. One of those subscribers, Callie Schweitzer — director of marketing and projects at VoxMedia — in turn shared the Zuckerberg family photo on her Twitter profile. Randi got pissed that her “privacy” was violated when someone else shared her photo and then went on to publicly criticize Schweitzer for this breach of “digital etiquette”. I mean, isn’t it hilarious that Randi Zuckerberg is now complaining about internet privacy when her family company makes gads of cash exploiting other people’s privacy?

Lovers of irony take note: Mark Zuckerberg’s sister Randi has complained about a Facebook privacy breach. Randi, the former head of marketing for Facebook and the executive producer of Bravo’s reality series Silicon Valley, complained when Callie Schweitzer, director of marketing and projects at VoxMedia, posted a photo of Randi and her family (including Mark) reacting to the new Poke app. Randi originally circulated the photo on Facebook to her friends, but Schweitzer posted it publicly on Twitter. Zuckerberg and Schweitzer have since deleted the conversation, but according to BuzzFeed, Schweitzer originally wrote “@randizuckerberg demonstrates her family’s response to Poke” with a link to the pic. Randi then replied “@cschweitz: Not sure where you got this photo. I posted it only to friends on FB. You reposting it on Twitter is way uncool.” The incident comes after Facebook privacy issues have recently come to the fore. The company suffered a pr debacle earlier in the month when Facebook unit Instagram attempted to update its privacy policies to allow users’ photos to be employed by advertisers. The company backpedaled, however, after consumers complained.

I mean … really? Really, this is what the Zuckerberg family thinks? It’s OK to exploit the privacy of others but when their “privacy” is breached, then it becomes a lesson in “digital etiquette”? Firstly, I don’t really see how Zuckerberg’s privacy was compromised. She posted the photo on her Facebook profile, which is set up to share the things she posts with public subscribers? Maybe Randi wasn’t aware that her FB privacy settings allowed for subscribers to see the things she posts … maybe the FB Terms of Service didn’t make it clear to her that her personal photos could be seen by others. Isn’t it interesting that the Zuckerbergs themselves don’t understand that FB makes pretty much everything public? If they don’t understand how their own service works, why would other casual users? This whole thing is just funny and sad. Funny that the Zuckerberg family finally got stung by their own business practices and sad it takes an instance like this for the hypocrisy to be exposed. I guess Randi Zuckerberg should be REALLY REALLY careful with what she posts on her Facebook profile. Who knows what Facebook will allow others to do with her personal information.


  • janaegal

    Dear Randi,

    Would you like some ointment for that burn?

    The World

  • rickshaw

    lol they earn billions from the Facebook how? who knows! WT!!
    She complains about what we can’t complain about! & if we do we get kicked out!!
    Randi Zuckerberg is a true hypocrite!
    You can not preach and then condemn the very thing your preaching.

  • Dezden

    Apparently Callie is friends with one of the Zuckerbergs who was tagged… and Randi didn’t realize about the “friends of tagged friends” (or whatever it’s called) setting. So it wasn’t exactly because Callie is a subscriber but because she’s friend with someone tagged. Still, I feel like that was ridiculous of Randi. Damn. Get with the program.