Neil Patrick Harris Shares Photos Of His Twin Children On Xmas


A casual perusal of Twitter, Instagram and Facebook yesterday yielded an avalanche of personal photos shared by pretty much everyone with a camera smartphone … and that included celebrities alike. Actor Neil Patrick Harris, an avid Twitter user, posted a few photos of his twin children Harper Grace and Gideon Scott on his official Twitter profile to give his followers a taste of his family’s Xmas day. If you want to see photos of a couple of adorably cute kids, you’re gonna wanna take a look below.

Up until 2am constructing a table with wooden trains for Gideon and all he wants to do is play with a broom. #MerryXmas / Ms. Harper likes Mr. Potato Head’s fashion sense. She is quite the looker, but I think it’s a bit shortsighted.

These photos were shared online to show how the Burtka-Harris children enjoyed their Xmas morning. Later on in the day, the entire family visited with friends for Xmas dinner:

Harper is, as usual, calm and understated. / Having a wonderful night with @TheJimmyCarp and his family for Xmas dinner. Gideon is rocking a bow tie.

Can you believe these little darlings are so big already? Doesn’t it seem like last week that we first learned that Neil and David were proud new fathers of twin babies? I know it’s always fun to see photos of loved ones celebrating the holidays by way of social media and, you gotta admit, it’s also really fun to share in the intimate lives of the celebs we love as well. It sounds like the Burtka-Harris family had themselves a merry little xmas, doesn’t it?


  • Maxie

    words cannot describe how much I love this little family.

  • Shannon

    OMG. Those Santa outfits are TOO much! Love it!

  • Karen

    omg. so cute. especially love the first 2 pics. adorable!!

  • kate

    This family is so adorable i can barely stand it. Look at David’s loving look in the first picture! And those cute Santa onesies! Also, how dashing does Gideon look all dressed up?