Happy Xmas From Hannah Spears


While celebs like Neil Patrick Harris was sharing photos of their children on Xmas day, other celebs were happy to share photos of their adorable pets. In Britney Spears’s case, she was happy to let her new pet pooch Hannah do the sharing all on her own. As you may know, Britney’s puppy Hannah has her own official Twitter profile which shared some messages to followers on Xmas Eve and Xmas Day. Click below to see Hannah enjoying her first Xmas as a member of the Spears family and read what she had to “say” on the holiday.

@hannahspears santa’s little helper making herself at home in my hair kit! Sooo cute!

This photo of Hannah was shared by Britney’s make-up artist Glenn Nutley which may or may not have been snapped on Xmas Day … but nonetheless, the Xmas outfit makes it a very appropriate photo to share on Xmas Day. Here are the tweets that Hannah shared herself on her own Twitter profile:

Christmas Eve, I just can’t sleep. Would I be wrong for sneaking some treats? / Merry Christmas everybody! :) / In honor of my 1st Christmas, here are my favorite Christmas songs by my mommy & other pooches like me! Woof! http://t.co/HntywRFy

LOL. To be honest, I really hate most parody Twitter accounts. I follow only a very select few … like Darth Vader, for example … but it really should come as no surprise that I’m a happy follower of Hannah Spears … after all, it’s a great place to get extra photos of our dear Britney Spears:

But, if all we got were cute pics of little Miss Hannah, I guess that would be enough ;) I mean, am I right?

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