First Look: Jessica Simpson Stars In A New Weight Watchers Commercial


Yesterday Jessica Simpson confirmed officially that she is pregnant with her second child and today she is reiterating that happy news in her just-released new Weight Watchers commercial. In the clip above, you can see Jessica talking about how she lost 50 pounds using Weight Watchers and then she squeezes in her I’M PREGNANT again news. Congrats, right? Weight Watchers has issued a public congratulatory message to Jessica to go along with the release of his first commercial but you just KNOW that they have got to be pissed as Hell that she’s knocked up again. Why? ‘Cuz Weight Watchers doesn’t allow pregnant women to use their service. Click below to read the happy message issued by Weight Watchers.

Our celebrity ambassador Jessica Simpson shared yesterday that another gift is on the way! After a 50lb* weight loss to get back to her pre-baby weight, she’s expecting a second child next year – as she’ll tell you herself in one of our newest TV commercials below! We know that one of the most important factors for having a healthy baby is being a healthy mother, and though Jessica will not be following the program during her pregnancy, we feel good that what she’s learned during her time on our program can help her make healthy choices in any life stage.

Congrats Jess, Eric and big sister-to-be Maxwell on the wonderful news!

So basically, Jessica got paid a shizz-ton of money to lose some weight, star in a commercial and then go off the Weight Watchers program to have another baby. Yeah, I’m guessing the folks at WW are not happy one bit, despite their attempt to sound elated by this news.


  • nicole

    from what i read – she’ll be doing WW again once she has this maybe its like a time out on the contract right now? cause im sure she hasnt fulfilled all the obligations yet.

  • Sandy!

    Yeeeeeah, for the money she got paid to lose the poundage, I’d keep my legs closed for a while. I can’t blame WW for being pissed, I would be too.
    But congrats, Jessica.

  • Meghan

    I don’t blame them for being angry. Poor planning, Jessica.

  • Alicia Mayo-White

    I say who cares if WW is angry. Jess gets to be a mom again, good for her.