David Beckham Takes Style Tips From Son Romeo Beckham


Last week we learned that 10 year old Romeo James Beckham has become the newest (and youngest) fashion model for British design house Burberry and today we see how Romeo’s style has kinda sorta rubbed off on his very fashionable father David Beckham. Truth be told, it’s probably more likely that Becks’s fashion consciousness has impacted Romeo but now that the little kid is a bonafide model, well, it’s easy to see how the proud father might want to emulate his very successful son.

When Romeo Beckham, 10, was unveiled as the latest model for Burberry’s trench coat, more than one eyebrow was raised in recognition.
The middle-son of David and Victoria looked mighty similar to another fan of beige outerwear – his father. Studying snaps of father and son it soon becomes clear that the two have a lot more in common than just genes, dimples and a love for a certain type of jacket.

While this is a question more along the likes of Which came first, the chicken or the egg?, I think it’s very clear that the Beckham family all influence one another quite happily. We’ve seen many photos of the Beckham boys dressing like their father (and undoubtedly, Harper Seven will very likely emulate mother Victoria Beckham’s fashionista ways) so I think it’s really cute now to see father dressing like son. Yes, Becks has worn this trench look before Romeo became a Burberry model but now seeing them side-by-side, I like to think that Becks is happy to emulate his son in this way. Just, too cute. I can’t wait to see the Beckham children continue to grow and become their own people.


  • Ariel

    i don’t know why, but romeo reminds me of xavier samuel