Jessica Simpson Officially Announces Her Second Pregnancy


First we heard that Jessica Simpson got herself pregnant just 7 months after she gave birth to her first daughter Maxwell Drew, then we heard that she confirmed the happy baby news to her family and friends … today we learn, officially from Jessica herself, that she is pregnant for the second time. Jess posted a photo of her firstborn daughter Max on her official Twitter profile that confirms for the world that she is knocked up again. Check out the photo below.

Merry Christmas from my family to yours!

Ok, this is a really cute way to break the news. Little Max is going to be a BIG SIS. From the look of this photo, it would appear that Jessica and her family are in Hawai’i based on the kukui nut necklace hanging around Maxwell’s neck. I’m certain the fam is having a great time there right now. And so … the second Jessica Simpson bump watch is officially underway. It seems like only yesterday that Jessica was hugely pregnant and now, here we go again. Congrats!


  • Joanna

    Let’s just hope she dosn’t go crazy with her weight this time around. There is no reason why she should be birthing a second 10 pound baby. Maybe her people at Weight Watchers will be able to help her maintain a healthy weight this time around so that she can look even better in their ads after she gives birth.

    • Lulu

      What a bizarre comment. For the record unless she has gestational diabetes, nothing she does like what she eats changes the size of the baby… It’s genetics.

      As long as she is healthy and happy, who cares what she weighs.

    • Megan

      What a ridiculous comment to make. That photo is gorgeous and a really sweet way for her to officially announce her pregnancy. I hope her new baby is as healthy and happy as Max :)

  • rachel

    mazel tov! :) (and merry christmas!)

  • Kelly

    i can see where joanna is coming from – her comment wasn’t very nice and was pretty callous, but she does have a point. the amount of weight jess put on during her first pregnancy was unhealthy and surprising. it’s also none of my business, but she did tweet about the horrible crap she was eating and she also was quoted in an interview stating how she “misunderstood” what her doctor was telling her and that she thought once her water broke all her “belly weight would just slide off” and she would be “flat again” or something like that. i mean really? wtf. it’s also true that women gain weight differently during pregnancy, but was pretty obvious jessica over-gained and was in unhealthy territory. i think she learned her lesson, though, especially with her struggles to lose after the birth. i’m sure this time around she will be more discerning about what she puts in her mouth. i hope so anyways, she is such a nice person and so pretty. i think she deserves a beautiful wedding in her dream “skinny” dress!

    • Jenn

      I think a lot of women mistake pregnancy as a time to eat whatever-whenever. Personally I think it’s crazy – it’s like training for a marathon by consistently overeating and under exercising. You’d never suggest that to a person, so why suggest that pregnancy is a free-for-all? Your body needs to be fit, strong, and healthy to go through the amazing feat of birth. It’s no wonder why women need so many medical interventions(aside from cultural fear of birth) when they have relaxed, over-eaten and under-worked their body the entire 10 months.
      (Disclaimer : Of course there are exceptions and more to it, but this is a mini take on it from my personal opinion.)

    • Ella

      ……10 months?

    • JeniLeeSK8

      40 weeks actually is closer to 10 months than 9.

    • Ella

      Who’s saying pregnancy is a free for all? Many women joke about being able to eat what they want, but it’s kind of the farthest thing from one’s mind if you’re as sick as many women get. You can’t compare pregnancy to training for a marathon. Marathon runners are not nauseated, bloated, tired all the time, and eating enough for themselves and another growing human being.
      A lot of things can happen during a pregnancy including having your doctor tell you to eat more. You make pregnancy sound like a cake walk(no jokes intended).

  • Ella

    I’m kind of blown away by the weight comments. Are we now flaying celebrities for being too fat when they’re pregnant???? WTF? I’m sure if she was in dangerous territory her doctors would have let her know.
    Losing baby weight is harder for some women than others. It doesn’t mean those women who are struggling overate during their pregnancies.
    I understand Kelly is trying to be kinder than Joanna, but we should hold celebs to the same level we do ourselves, because at the end of the day we are all just people who hopefully want to be healthy and happy over all.
    Congrats Jessica. Here’s to another healthy baby and a healthy comfortable pregnancy!

    • gwen

      likely her ob did tell her. either she listens this time or will have a different ob.

    • Kelly

      ella – if my sister or any of my friends gained as much during their pregnancies, i would have been worried. all women are different, of course; but jessica has come out and said straight up that she didn’t take care of herself and gained way too much weight. it’s not being unfair if the person has admitted it anyways. she’s actually been rather open about it – something that i really admire about her and one of the main reasons why i hope she fares better in the future.

    • Ella

      I didn’t follow her throughout her whole pregnancy or even after really. Just what I read on here if I bothered to at all. I was mostly commenting based on Joanna. Thanks for clarifying it though. It’s important that women understand it’s not about looks, but their health. It’s hard to tell which one anyone is talking about when it comes to celebs! ;-)

  • Mabel

    Can’t we just be happy for her and put her weight during pregnancy aside? Having a baby is about new life, not a chance to remark on the mother’s weight even if she is a celebrity.