Watch: Mark Wahlberg And Dwayne Johnson Look Hot And Hilarious In ‘Pain & Gain’


I don’t know why I was avoiding the trailer for Marky Mark’s new movie! It’s awesome, lol! But I think I kept seeing Dwayne Johnson’s face and I thought it was, like, some sort of action dude movie thing. So when the love of my life was like, you gotta watch this trailer, I was kind of ugghhh, okay. But Pain & Gain looks hilarious y’all. Mark Wahlberg plays a fitness instructor who’s tired of just getting by (with his ginormous muscles and stuff)  and decides to pull off some kind of extortion heist with The Rock. But then outta nowhere I saw Rebel Wilson! And well, you know I was in after that. Peep the video for more! Michael Bay’s directing and I think it’s gonna be fun.


Pain & Gain hits theatres April 26, 2013.

  • nicole

    Mark, Dwayne AND a lil Rebel? im down,
    “when this is all done we’ll go camping” haha