Watch: Mark Wahlberg And Dwayne Johnson Look Hot And Hilarious In ‘Pain & Gain’


I don’t know why I was avoiding the trailer for Marky Mark’s new movie! It’s awesome, lol! But I think I kept seeing Dwayne Johnson’s face and I thought it was, like, some sort of action dude movie thing. So when the love of my life was like, you gotta watch this trailer, I was kind of ugghhh, okay. But Pain & Gain looks hilarious y’all. Mark Wahlberg plays a fitness instructor who’s tired of just getting by (with his ginormous muscles and stuff) ¬†and decides to pull off some kind of extortion heist with The Rock. But then outta nowhere I saw Rebel Wilson! And well, you know I was in after that. Peep the video for more! Michael Bay’s directing and I think it’s gonna be fun.


Pain & Gain hits theatres April 26, 2013.

  • nicole

    Mark, Dwayne AND a lil Rebel? im down,
    “when this is all done we’ll go camping” haha