Miley Cyrus Goes For A Drive With A Sex Doll


Xmas came a bit early for Miley Cyrus this year because last night, she tweeted a photo of one of her new … um … toys. Among the many gifts that Miley will undoubtedly receive this year, she became the proud owner of a blow up sex doll. It would appear that she couldn’t WAIT to put the doll to use so … she seat-belted it in the passenger seat and she took it for a ride. Check out the photo below.

Does this count for the carpool lane? Such a nice Xmas gift

I guess it will depend on whether or not Santa Claus considers this naughty or nice behavior but either way, my guess is that Miley will enjoy a very Merry Xmas this year. Hell, even if she doesn’t recieve any other gifts, she’s bound to have good clean fun with her new doll … I mean, right? Merry Miley XXXmas to all!


  • Tamara

    Isnt it kind of creepy that if she had green hair and was wearing pink lipstick that she would look like the doll