Best Of 2012: Here Are The Top 10 ‘That Ish Cray’ Stories Of The Year


5. Jay-Z And Robert De Niro Get In A Beef At Leonardo DiCaprio’s B-day Party

How weird/funny was this one? Rumors were flying around that Robert De Niro stepped to Jay-Z at Leonardo DiCaprio’s birthday party, because Jigga man had the audacity to ignore his phone calls! Apparently, Jay was supposed to record a song for the Tribeca Film Festival, but never got back to Bob about it! I couldn’t believe Jay would do that to De Niro… I mean, yeah. He’s Jay-Z, but that Robert De Niro!!! Team Bob on this one (because there are totally teams).

4. Eminem’s Daughter Maybe Went Off On Taylor Swift On Twitter, Either Way We Were All Mainly Shocked That Hailie Had Become A Teenager

As far as I’m concerned, this story has yet be confirmed or denied. But the interwebs were going crazy when Eminem’s daughter Hailie (or someone pretending to be her) took to Twitter to go off on Taylor Swift. If it was Hailie, then she was pissed (you know, playfully so) when she learned that Taylor was dating One Direction’s Harry Styles. And if it wasnt’t, well, at least we got to see pics of Eminem’s teenage daughter! There was tons of confusion about whether the account was real or not. At the end of the day, I was just glad to hear that Hailie was around… and sixteen. Making me… much older than I thought I was. Cool, cool.

3. Sweden’s Twitter Account Belongs To The People!

So, in an effort to boost tourism,the country of Sweden started letting every-day citizens tweet for their country. Really cool/kinda insane, right? Well a chic named Sonja got to tweet for her country and it was hilarious… then really weird… then there were tweets about Jewish people. At one point she tweeted ‘Sometimes I just look at my children and think about the time when they had my vagina round their neck.’ LMAO! True story. But I still love Sonja because she shared this video of herself singing Kelis’s Bossy, which is still one of my fave songs ever.

2. Some Guy Broke Into Diddy’s Mansion And Used His Toothbrush

This was just the best. THE. BEST. I don’t know why, but I could not stop laughing when I read reports about Quamine Taylor breaking into Diddy’s mansion. Oh, wait. I know why. Because one time my friend came up with this theory about confidence and people, and she said that every time a person felt bad about himself or herself and lost a little bit of confidence, that confidence went floating up in the air… and eventually ended up on Diddy. All of our confidence lost, she said, Diddy had found. I’ve always resented him (just a little for that… lmao), and I couldn’t believe someone actually had the balls to break into his home, take a shower, and USE HIS TOOTHBRUSH. Sigh. That was awesome.

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  • Samantha

    #1 is a game changer! lol

    • Shannon

      Samantha, LOL. For real!!!

  • Dezden

    Ohhhh, what a year it has been. Thanks for the reminders! ;) Haha!

    • Shannon

      Dezden, you’re welcome! A lotta ish popped off, right? LOL.

  • nicole

    2012 has been a…..weird…year for the entertainment world.