‘Untold History’ Lesson


In order to keep myself from dwelling too much on unpleasant things (which, I’m sorry admit have been plaguing my mind increasingly as the days wear on), I’ve been doing everything I can to preoccupy myself with other things. I’ve been getting out of the house just to get out of the house, driving around so that my mind can focus on driving and not thinking. I went out and bought an Apple TV device so that I can watch Netflix on my TV — anything to fill up my days and nights. While watching random movies in the past few days, I learned of a new series on Showtime called The Untold History of the United States. Presented by filmmaker Oliver Stone, The Untold History tells the stories from our nation’s past that we think we knew. This series is not a “retelling” of US history thru the lens of one person but, in fact, is a broader examination of other parts of the story that we may have never heard before. I’ve been extremely impressed with what I’ve seen thus far. Click below to see video of the first episode of the series to see if this is something that might appeal to you, too.

As a student of US history, I’ve always considered myself a pretty well-educated person on the historical events that have shaped our great nation. What I’m realizing from watching this series is that I only learned part of the story of US history. As is to be expected, the history lessons I learned painted the US in the best light possible, highlighting the great achievements and, in some cases, exaggerating our greatness. For example, the narrative that we were taught in our history lessons of World War II is that the US is largely responsible for the end of WWII and we were the great heroes. Yes, we played our part and yes, we have many heroes but other nations played a more important role in the way the war played out. My fear is that some people may consider it “unpatriotic” to suggest anything other than complete US supremacy but it has become increasingly clear to me that our history lessons left a lot of information out of the overall narrative. Here is the full first episode of The Untold History of the United States titled Chapter 1: World War II. If you have the time, I highly suggest to watch it in full. It is a terribly interesting and extremely enlightening look at many events of WWII that you might not be aware of:

For me, this series just presents new information that I wasn’t totally aware of before. This new information does change a bit the way I look back on history. This alone is enough to pique my interest in order to learn more.

I dunno, I know that History is a very boring subject for many people but I’m a fan. This series has done much to preoccupy my mind and open it up a bit more. I’ve been out of academia for a very long time so anything that broadens my knowledge is very welcome to me. So yeah, distractions … I’m workin’ them overtime.

I promise, I’m going to do my best to keep the moody stuff to a minimum. The last few days have been hard, I can’t lie. So if you don’t hear much interesting personal stuff from me in the coming days and weeks, just know it’s only because I’m trying to spare the spread of my melancholia. I do sincerely hope you guys are having a great holiday season. This is a time for love and laughter and I wish you all copious amounts of both.

Merry Xmas Eve Eve, y’all.

  • Lauri

    History is SO much fun too learn about- if not a little bit daunting when you dive into the not so lit up stuff.

    If you haven’t read any Howard Zinn yet, “A People’s History of the American Empire,” is the “The People’s History of the United States,” in comic form!

  • Zanne

    You’re not alone in your love of all things history, Trent! And I know this holiday is going to be a rough one for you but please know that you are loved and that your words bring joy and entertainment to many. Best wishes for a safe holiday season and a happier new year.

  • Kate

    Don’t worry Trent, you can express your melancholia as much as you need to. We can take it and we love you.

  • Kelly George

    You hang in there, Trent. xoxo
    I’ve been meaning to check out this series, I’m interested in learning more history as I wasn’t paying a lot of attention in high school and haven’t studied much history in college.

  • Joanna

    Your interest in history sounds very much like my friend’s. She too was a history major in college and loves to enlighten me on the untold story of the past. I once asked her a question about the origins of Communism in Russia and she proceeded to give me a long drawn out story about the last few Czars and the Russian Revolution, so I totally get your continued interest. This series sounds interesting. I’ll have to check it out. I hope you have as good a Christmas and New Years as you can muster. Spending time with close friends can sometimes distract you from the realities of life if only for a few hours. Wishing you al the best just the same :)

  • Megan

    History is written by the winners.

  • kendra

    My son is a huge history buff..I’m going to have him check this out for sure! One of the best things about my college History professor was that he would constantly give us little known facts..It’s one of the reasons why I took every History course he taught..Also, because he was hot and I enjoyed looking at him..

    Oh Trent..If your PITNBers could take your pain away, you know we would..You’re surrounded by so much love..It’s hard to feel it when you’re going through a hard time, but know that it will pass and you’ll be stronger on the other side..In the meantime, feel what you need to feel and vent if you need to vent..I don’t think any of us mind.. :)

  • Fabio

    Hey, what’s happening with Trent? I feel like I’ve missed a post, I hope it’s nothing serious.

  • Whitney75

    Wow just wow, is all I can say. Thank you for letting us know about this on Showrime. And know we all have felt your pain and hear to listen anytime. It’s tough and you will always feel it but it will be one day you can function and move on.

    Merry Christmas!

  • Mish

    Wait, this is on Netflix? Cause I got so excited but I can’t find it anywhere!

    • @Mish — No, it’s on Showtime.

  • Leo

    We are here for you. We are here to listen. We love you. PEACE

  • Jennifer Wilson

    trent! every day when i come to PITNB i think of you and am always, always, always sending loving energy your way.

  • rOXy

    Hey Trent! I’ve been awol for awhile but came here tonight to wish you a Merry Xmas. You are in my heart always, and especially at this time of year. I remember the years before you came to LA, and even a few after that, where you posted pictures of the holiday parties where you and your Detroit homies got plastered. I loved those pictures because they were full of warmth and good cheer! It became a holiday tradition for me to swing by this site on Christmas Eve, no matter where I was or what I was doing, to see what you were up to. No different this year, so I am here but sorry to hear this isn’t one of the brighter years for you. There is so much I want to say to you, but I will spare everyone and will just add my voice to the chorus and say you are very much loved. You’ve been such an inspiration to so many and I know karma will not fail you. You’ve got good things coming your way!! I can just feel it. Hugs, love, and kisses.