‘This Bish Don’ Got Pregnant By MY Baby Daddy?!’ And Other Awesomeness In PITNB Reader Comments This Week


Y’all. We are about to  enter the last full week of 2012, and that ish crayyyy! This week I have a couple of 2012 recap posts planned (fave songs, fave indie movies, etc.) and a helluva lot of writing to do, but I gotta give y’all the shouts-out you deserve. So much happened this week between Channing Tatum announcing his forthcoming DILF-hood and Ryan Gosling’s new movie getting a crazy hot trailer. Let’s remember some of the good times inside!

PITNBR Devonte was one of the first readers to encourage me to start doing these posts. And he damn near lost his mind when he found out that Channing Tatum and wife Jenna Dewan-Tatum are expecting:

This bish don’ got pregnant by MY baby daddy?! How…DARE she?!?!

PITNBR nicole also commented on the news, reminding me that I should be using the term DILF more often:

DILF status achieved.

PITNBR Sandy! was kinda confused when she learned that a woman had Trey Songz arrested after he threw a stack of money at her face:

You’re telling me that she got money thrown at her face… and her response was to call the police? Are you kidding me?!
Trey Songz, throw some cash at ME! I’ll be eternally grateful

PITNBR Brent also had me cracking up on the Trey Songz story:

Awwwwe. And I wanted to think that Trey was sweet. He is like drop dead sexy. That smile and that body-are you kidding me?!? Anyway, seems like he was not happy with shawty taking the Twit pic and she wasn’t all LOL :-)

PITNBR Karen offered some positive thoughts when FLOTUS Michelle Obama shared an open letter she wrote to the city of Newtown, Connecticut:

I hear her voice when I read that. :)

The only thing that makes me think/hope this issue *might* not be forgotten is how emotional Obama was at that first press conference after the Sandy Hook killings. His love for his daughters may motivate him on this in a way he hasn’t been motivated on any other issue. Somehow I feel like he might have a hard time living with himself if after his term ends, another mass murder like this occurs, with more little kids killed, and he didn’t do anything real to prevent it.

It’s of course really important that we *all* take time to email/call our representatives, especially as the NRA leadership works to galvanize people to its insulting, destructive, head-in-the-sand point of view. We can’t let it control the debate and policies in this country any longer. But I also think/hope that Obama will push more than normal for serious action on this issue.

PITNBR Jennifer Wilson had a hilarious take on Harry Styles’s new tattoo (which was possibly inspired by some dude in Taylor Swift’s video):

i like the tattoo. it seems like pretty much all tattoos are derivative of something…..might as well be the girl your dating’s new video boyfriend.

PITNBR Joan cleverly joined in on the fun:

LOL! It’s a relationSHIP.

PITNBR Sandy! had me cracking up (again) when she joined in with all of us who were shocked (saddened, concerned, etc.) by the new ads campaigning for Kristen Stewarts’s um… Oscar nomination. LMAO:

“Um wow. This is, like, so cool. *flustered* I can’t believe this! *blink blink* I, um, want to thank Rob and um, *blink blink* everyone involved in the movies, and um my family. *messes with hair* Oh, and the fans. So yeah *blink blink blink* um thanks”
You can’t tell me that’s not how her acceptance speech would go!

PITNBR AwesomeMargie would have been really annoyed if the world had actually ended on 12/21/12:

I was so scared that the end of times was upon us only because I paid off my car note last week. I would have been, “Ain’t that some shit” as the meteors (or whatever) were hurling towards me.

PITNBR Luna did Joseph Gordon-Levitt soooo dirty when the new trailer for Ryan Gosling’s The Place Beyond The Pines came into our lives. It was awkward:

Fuck. I used to love him madly until Joseph Gordon Levitt came onboard and stole my fickle heart and now I think I wanna get back with Ryan together again. *kicks JGL off her bed


LMAO! Y’all are so crazy! Thanks to every single last one of you who weighed in on all things celebrity and pop culture this week. And if you missed it, check out some of the best comments from last week too!



  • Sandy!

    Not gonna lie, I feel really cool right now. Thanks Shannon!

    • Shannon

      Sandy!, you’re welcome– that K-Stew one was SO on point!

  • nicole

    what what!! i feel like i accomplished something. like i achieved a goal or something. thanks for the shout out Shannon!
    happy holidays everyone!

    • Shannon

      nicole, you’re welcome! Enjoy the holidays :)

  • Luna

    Hell yeah I’m famous now!

    *takes out pen to sign autographs

    • Shannon

      Luna, LOLOLOL– you are absolutely famous now. Get you some shades and a Birkin bag, cause it’s totally on!

  • Jennifer Wilson

    hahaha can i say that i totally am like “YES!!” when i make the comment round up?!
    also- when i get an “LOL” comment from Trent (or any response really) it totally makes my day.


  • AwesomeMargie


    Now, time to go and get a new car.