Joan Smalls Rocks The January 2013 ‘Black’ Issue Of ‘Vogue’ Brazil


Well, she is the number one model in the industry! My girl Joan Smalls is just ridin’ around and gettin’ it, lol! First Vogue Japan, then Vogue Turkey, and now Vogue Brazil! C’mooooon Vogue America! Lol, Joan can do no wrong! Okay, I’ll chill on the exclamation points for a sec. I just love to see Joan Smalls doing Big things. Click inside for a better look at this amazing Vogue Brazil cover.

Joan Smalls for Vogue Brazil:

Now I said yesterday that, based on her Versace spread with Kate Moss, I’m gonna need whatever flat-iron Joan is using. Apparently, I’ll be needing all her damn hair care products, lol. She looks so bomb, it’s ridiculous. Someone wrote on Fashion Gone Rogue that she looks so ‘Latina’ and I gotta agree. According to the cover, this is Vogue Brazil’s Black Issue so I guess they wanted to emphasize Joan’s background as a woman of color. It’s a good look on her.

What do y’all think of Joan’s third Vogue cover in two months?


  • Alys

    Having the Kim Kardashian ad right below this makes me laugh. Joan has this polished beauty that still feels wild and a bit natural, even if she’s been turned into a bronze Amazon on the seashore. Forget the Kardashians, this is the standard of beauty!

    • Shannon

      Alys, ‘a bronze Amazon on the seashore’– LMAO! You’re not wrong! But yes that wild/natural feel overpowers all. She reigns!