Rebel Wilson Will Host The 2013 MTV Movie Awards


It’s been a big year for Rebel Wilson and it looks like 2013 is only going to bring bigger and better things for the Aussie comedian. The Pitch Perfect star has just been announced as the host for the 2013 MTV Movie Awards, and I am sooo pumped! After that Samuel L. Jackson/Anne Hathaway Funny Or Die video, I’m kind of looking forward to the awards show–  there’s nothing like a good laugh over your fave movies. Last year’s awards were hosted by Russell Brand and while he’s all fine and good… I cannot wait to see what happens when Rebel takes the stage. Peep the promo video above! Rebel’s getting tortured by her Bridesmaids costar Matt Lucas… and it’s hilarious. Are you excited for this, or what?

The 2013 MTV Movie Awards air Sunday, April 14.

[Source] [Photo Credit: MTV/Elisabeth Caren]

  • Erica Croce

    I love me some VMAs…but this? Ugh. Not. A. Fan. I just hope she’s not worse than Russell Brand was…but it’s not possible for anyone to be worse than that, right?

    • Erica Croce

      Oh wait…Movie Awards. Nevermind. People still watch that?

    • Shannon

      Erica Croce, LMAO! Actually, I liked the awards last year. They’re a nice alternative to the seriousness of the Oscars and Golden Globes.

  • Samantha

    I love Rebel! Her role in Bridesmaids was small but I knew that she was going to be a star! Also, I love that her name is Rebel and she has a brother named Ryot (at least that is what I read on her Wiki page)

    • Shannon

      Samantha, yes I’d heard this too. Her siblings are lit’rally named Liberty, Ryot and Annachi. Gotta love it!

  • ClaireMichelle

    Yes!!! I will have to tune in for this. Rebel is hilarious, I can’t see her not doing a stellar job with this gig.

    • Shannon

      ClaireMichelle, ditto. She’s got a certain comedic style that I think will totally work for this one.

  • Lulu

    Yay! I love that Matt is there too :) They are roomies in real life too which I think is hysterical in itself.

    Love her!

  • nicole

    LOVE HERRR! she’ll do amazing, and give this award show some life that it badly needs