Watch: ‘The Voice’ Releases A New Promo Video Introducing New Judges Shakira & Usher


Back in September we learned that Shakira and Usher would be replacing Christina Aguilera and Cee-Lo Green on the forthcoming fourth season of The Voice next year and today we get our first look at the first video promo for the show that introduces the new judges. Titled The Pickup, returning judges Blake Shelton and Adam Levine pick up Shakira and Usher and take them for a ride. The clip has a very cute musical performance and does a very good job of introducing viewers to the show’s new additions. What do y’all think, Voice fans? Do you like?

  • Amanda

    I like it!

    I am surprised by how much I love the judges’ chemistry on The Voice. They seem to genuinely like each other and so many funny moments were in yesterday’s final results show. Would be interesting to see the dynamic now that Shakira and Usher are taking over Christina and Cee-Lo.

    Also, I live for Blake and Adam’s bromance!

  • Alicia A. Bentley

    I loved it the other night when it was on The Voice….the only thing I wish was when they were at the light and Carson pulls up. They should have had him sing as he pulled away from them. LOL. But cute commercial. I am looking forward to new season, but will miss the current dynamic. Tho hubby is so excited for Shak. :)

  • Karen

    That cracked me up! I only watch The Voice occasionally, but I always like watching the judges’ interactions. I’m curious to see how Shakira and Usher work. This video is a good start — I love them not taking themselves too seriously and acting like the rest of us singing cheesy songs in the car. :)

  • nicole

    im still not too sure about how Shakira will fit in, but this commercial gives me hope. i can totally see Usher & Blake having a bromance.

  • Shannon m.

    I’m definitely pro-Usher purely for his talent and genuinity. Not sure how i feel about shakira.. but i’m sure she’ll fit in just fine. I think it’d be so awesome to have Pink as a coach.

  • Luna

    Cute video! But Adam and Christina will always have a soft spot in my heart!

  • Sabrina

    I love it! Now Blake will have two new people to hit on!

    Team Blake!