Watch: The New ‘Great Gatsby’ Trailer Is Insane


Man. Music is a helluva drug. Baz Lurhmann’s The Great Gatsby adaptation may have been pushed back, but that just gives us more time to get excited about it all. We learned a while back that music (like that of Kanye West’s) was a huge part of the filming process on the set of this movie, and we also heard that Prince and Lady Gaga might be writing new music for the soundtrack. The first trailer for The Great Gatsby was released back in May, and just as the music moved that piece, so it moves this one. I know as a former Lit major, I should have more reservations about this adaptation, but I love the movies! And this looks like a friggen MOVIE! Lol. I just mean that the trailer (with all the drama, fashion, and extravagance) is an experience in and of itself, so I’m looking forward to seeing the whole flick. Peep the trailer for more! There’s tons of new footage, more No Church In The Wild, and more Amitabh Bachchan (who PITNBR Ria told us is kind of a big deal). Are you into it?

The Great Gatsby hits theatres May 10, 2013.


  • Diana

    So excited for this! Jr. year of H.S. (10 years ago, woah!) I had to write a 15-page research paper (that was a book back then) on one word. Mine was “imagination” and I used The Great Gatsby as part of my research. I’m so excited to see Luhrmann’s interpretation of Gatsby’s world.

    • Shannon

      Diana, what a cool assignment! I can totally see how the book would have given you plenty of inspiration. Lurhmann clearly saw a similar connection between that word and the text; I think his interpretation is gonna be really fun.

  • Samantha

    At first I was not excited about this movie, I love the original with Robert Redford (and all of his hotness) but I’m kinda excited now.

    • Shannon

      Samantha, agh! I’ve heard good things about that version. Think I’ll have to check it out before this one comes out.

  • LiQue

    ( saw the first trailer the other day, with the hobbit in 3D, Imust say this movie will be visually stunning!!! the trailer looks so damn sexy!!!! and the music is cool, i love the whole thing. Being a huge baz luhrmann fan this is going to be AMAZING!

    • Shannon

      LiQue, ahhh luck you– you got to watch the trailer on the big screen! I’m looking forward :)

  • Joanna

    I can’t wait to see this movie! Here’s an interesting fact. I grew up in the REAL West Egg. I also had a friend of a friend who actually LIVED in the Gatsby house. So cool right? I didn’t know that about the book until I read it Junior year and saw the map in the back of the book. I am so disappointed the movie isn’t coming out on Christmas Day like it was originally supposed to, but that just makes me want to see it all that much more.

    • Shannon

      Joanna, what a crazy fun fact! I can only imagine the many, various fancy shirts your friend must have had up in that closet, lol!

  • Iris B

    This is going to be an excellent birthday present week to watch!! I’m so excited!!!!

  • Mark

    So happy to hear a Florence + The Machine song in this, her music is so cinematic and appropriate for such a HUGE film.

  • VV

    Leo looks so right for this role. A perfect piece of casting.

    Can’t wait for it to be released.

  • Silly

    “I should have more reservations about this adaptation, but I love the movies! And this looks like a friggen MOVIE!”


  • Alyssa

    Even thought I was an English major, I’d never read this book. Grabbed it off my fiance’s bookshelf and I’m about 50 pages in. Definitely excited to see the movie solely for the 20s flapper visuals. And Leo. Ridiculously hot and talented Leo.