Movie Review: ‘Zero Dark Thirty’


Last night I met up with my homie Jordan for a fab dinner at Laurel Hardware in West Hollywood before I made my way to the Arclight Theater in Hollywood to see Zero Dark Thirty. If I don’t see movies as soon as they open in theaters, the likelihood is very high that I won’t see them in theaters at all. Zero is a film that I’ve been incredibly curious to see and I figured seeing it on opening night here in LA would be a great idea. I am happy to report that I enjoyed the film very much. Despite some negative feedback that I’ve heard from other people, I found the film to be pretty damn good.

Much like the 10 year manhunt for Osama bin Laden, Zero Dark Thirty takes a long time to get to the eventual pay off … but it’s a convention that I think really works for this film. The story of how bin Laden was found and brought to justice is a long, very procedural and drawn out story. And even tho the film takes a long time to get to the exciting conclusion, it never felt long or boring to me. While I admit the controversial torture scenes are difficult to watch, they’re not nearly as bad as I thought they would be. I was much more disturbed by the violence I saw in the network TV series The Following than by any of the torture scenes in this rated R film. IMHO, Zero Dark Thirty is a far superior film to Kathryn Bigelow’s film The Hurt Locker (which won a few Academy Awards, including Best Director for Bigelow) so I’m hopeful that folks will take notice and heap praise on this film as well. Jessica Chastain is such an amazing actress, I found her character so believable that I forgot that she was acting. She became the fiercely dedicated CIA agent who would not stop until bin Laden was found … and killed. Considering the subject matter, I’m not sure this film is for everyone but I really did enjoy it, from beginning to end. If Zero Dark Thirty doesn’t win awards come Awards Season, then there is truly no justice in the cinematic world.

Earlier in the day, my redecorating project moved forward a bit when I put on display all of the running medals that I procured this past year:

As you can see, I’ve already filled up the bar so I’m going to need extender bars to add more medals soon :) As I said before, the redecorating has been fun and I really love seeing my stuff up on the walls but … the more my apartment becomes about me, the less it becomes about David and me … and that realization is still very hard. I just have to push forward and soldier on, tho.

Happy Thursday.

  • MJ


    Glad to hear your thoughts on Zero Dark Thirty! I’m so looking forward to watching it.

    As for the redecorating, hang in there! It hurts when you’re the one who literally stays….but instead of thinking of it as losing the “us,” think of it as gaining the “me.” For me, it hurt less when I changed things and the place didn’t look as a “memorial” to my relationship. XO :)

    • Silly

      Ditto! And good job to Trent even tho it’s hard.

      If you don’t do the ‘redecorating’ it’s like walking into a museum. Anyone okay with that is too desperate. (I say ‘too’ much because aren’t we all a little bit desperate for something? Grass = greener, and all that?)

      Anyway… I don’t think I’m going to see Zero Dark Thirty. It would be a GREAT concept for a movie 10 years from now when hindsight gives us a bit of wisdom. This is too new; too raw; too much in chaos — still. I need time to decide how I feel about this on my own before a movie comes out to influence my opinion.

      I won’t be reading the book by that other guy either… I think that former navy seal that wrote that book was wrong to do so at this time. I feel like it takes away from the honor of all the others in similar situations in the military. Just my two cents w/zero intention to argue about it. I respect others with different opinions, this is just mine.

      This is *not* reality TV. It was a recap via hollywood and the book industry. And too soon to have a chance to understand what’s real and what’s hype.

      That’s just my opinion. I’m glad Trent liked it. I’m sure it will do very well when it gets released nation-wide.

      On a personal note, I cried when the news of Bin Laden’s death came out. I was instantly happy because 1) I thought it would help Obama when he ran again, and 2) it was closure!. But sad that we were all happy about some evil person being killed. My upbringing said we should never be happy about a death of any kind but I was. And so I cried at my internal dilemma.

      I still am mixed up about it. Which is another reason I don’t think I can go see it.

      Hope it’s okay I shared all that.

  • Meghan

    So this is better than The Hurt Locker? IMHO I thought The Hurt Locker was kind of boring and was worried that Zero Dark Thirty would be the same. However, I think the story is very compelling so I do want to see.

    • Lexie

      I didn’t want to admit it, but I thought The Hurt Locker was boring, too. I do really like Jessica Chastain though, so I will see the movie strictly bc of her!

  • Oscar in Miami Beach

    This film should be translated to arabic and shown in ALL muslim countries including the USA.