‘Game Of Thrones’ Beer Is On The Way


Last month we learned that the forthcoming third season of Game of Thrones will debut on HBO on March 31 of next year. Earlier this week, we learned that GoT season 3 will be longer by at least one hour. All of this fantastic information is cause for much celebration … so just in time for the season 3 premiere in March, a line of Game of Thrones beers will also be released for sale. Yes, really. Click below to see what the bottle will look like for the Iron Throne flavor of beer and learn more about the forthcoming alcoholic beverages.

You may have seen the story (in the New York Times, no less) announcing that a custom-made Game of Thrones beer is on the way … [Here] is a first look at Iron Throne, a blonde ale from Ommegang brewery that’s “crafted to directly tie into themes and nuances of the medieval-like fantasy realm of Westeros and the surrounding kingdoms.” In other words, you can not only taste Westeros in every sip, but even get a little hint of Braavos too. Naturally the bottle is big and manly, 25 ounces, perfect for keeping a fire in your belly while guarding The Wall. And it’s corked — no fancy modern twist-offs or bottle openers needed here — so you can uncork it with your teeth and take a swig while leaving your sword hand free. “It made us approach development in a completely new way and I think the first edition Iron Throne reveals that,” said Phil Leinhart, brewmaster at Ommegang. “With a Lannister currently on the throne, it made sense to do a delicate, but piercing Golden Blonde Ale with Noble hops. Iron Throne is certainly fair in color and soft in appearance, yet it still possesses a complexity and bite to be on guard for.” Iron Throne, the first of multiple Thrones-inspired beers to be released, goes on sale nationwide in March for the kingly retail price of $8.50 a bottle. So what kind will the brewery release next, do you think? A Stark Stout? A Jon Snow Pale Ale? A Valyrian Light? I could seriously write these all day.

I love this entirely. GoT beer will make the perfect drink accompaniment to watching the forthcoming third season. Sign me up, I want to try every flavor available ;D Who’s with me?


  • ClaireMichelle

    So much want!!!

  • nicole

    haha oooh i want

  • Jay

    Sign me up! I even own the Game of Thrones cookbook. I am not ashamed.