Emma Watson Is Gorgeous In A New Campaign Ad For Lancôme ‘In Love’


Do y’all remember when Emma Watson showed up at a screening for The Perks Of Being A Wallflower looking all kinds of fab in that Christian Dior getup? That was my It’s time to start paying attention to Emma Watson moment, lol. And I’m glad I started because I just caught the young actor’s new campaign ad for Lancôme, and she looks amazing! Emma’s been the celebrity face of the beauty brand since 2011 and she is seriously werkin’ her j-o-b in this new photo. Click inside for a better look.

Emma Watson For Lancôme’s Spring 2013 In Love Collection:


Agh! Look at those colors! OMG. I am wayyy more excited for that blush/bronzer combo than I should be! I mean, this is exactly what a campaign ad is supposed to do. I lit’rally want to run out and buy everything in this picture. Right now. At 7 a.m. Right now.

Unfortunately, we’ll all have to wait until January 2, 2013 to get all these gorgeous corals, pinks, and turquoises in our lives. Seriously, though. For 2013, I vow to stop wearing only black eyeliner. Emma looks crazy good. PITNBR Joan, THIS is another great example of looking amazing in the face, lol!

What do you guys think of the campaign promo?


  • ClaireMichelle

    She is so flawless, I can’t even.

  • Joan

    THIS GIRL? I love ALL of her! The amazingness on the face is just the bonus. LOL! Those colors are beautiful. I’m also a “black eyeliner only” kind of person. Maybe I need to reconsider as well?

    • Shannon

      Joan, yes. I think we might be missing out on some good times, lol. I wouldn’t ditch the black eyeliner on MOST days, but this pic makes me feel like I might do well to switch it up occasionally :)