Watch: James Franco’s New Film ‘INTERIOR. LEATHER BAR.’ Releases A First Trailer


Back in August we learned that James Franco was producing/starring in a “gay art-porn” film that is an homage to the 1980 William Friedkin film Cruising. As you may recall from that post, Friedkin’s Cruising was edited by 40 minutes by censors and Franco’s new film reimagines what those 40 lost minutes might look like. Today we learn that the film has been retitled INTERIOR. LEATHER BAR. and we get to check out the first trailer for the film. Set to debut at the Sundance New Frontiers program in January, INTERIOR is already causing buzz because of its “controversial” subject matter. Check out the fairly SFW trailer above and see what you think.

  • patchyskies81

    DIRTY! LOL but in all seriousness… i guess the real debate would be when does a film become porn and could porn ever really be considered film? A good example of this would be John Cameron Mitchells “Shortbus” which had highly pornographic scenes but was a decent film as well!