One Direction’s Harry Styles Gets A New Tattoo With Girlfriend Taylor Swift Looking On


SO … Taylor Swift and One Direction’s Harry Styles have been pretty inseparable since the pair started dating at the start of this month. The pair were together for Taylor’s recent 23rd birthday, which is significant I think, but this week they have truly cemented their love affair. Harry went and got himself a tattoo here in LA and Taylor was right there with him … like the loyal girlfriend she is. Check out photos of Haylor together at Shamrock Tattoo here in West Hollywood, CA. last night.

He’s already amassed a sizeable collection of body art since shooting to fame in One Direction two years ago. But it would seem Harry Styles’ penchant for tattoos is far from over, as he sported a brand new inking on Tuesday night. The 18-year-old singer, accompanied by his doting girlfriend Taylor Swift, 23, made the Shamrock Tattoo Parlour his first port of call when he jetted into Los Angeles, California, with his One Direction bandmates. And the star certainly didn’t opt for a subtle addition to his collection of etchings, having a large ship design decorate almost all of his upper arm. Looking a little red and sore, the new tattoo sat next to the large heart Harry already has on his bicep. In spite of the pain associated with the inking, Harry beamed away as he posed for a photograph with his tattoo artist at Shamrock, which is also a favourite haunt of footballer David Beckham. Taylor made sure she was close by to hold Harry’s hand through the procedure, with the singer chatting to a female pal as her boyband beau went under the needle. The I Knew You Were Trouble hitmaker appeared to have embraced her grungy new surroundings, taking part in a game of pool with her friend as Harry underwent his newest inking. Looking stylish in a monochrome swallow-print dress and a slick of red lipstick, the country music star beamed as she posed alongside the One Direction hunk for a series of photos.

HMMM … a ship tattoo, you say? Where have we seen a ship tattoo on the arm of a guy standing next to Taylor Swift before? OH THAT’S RIGHT … in her new music video I Knew You Were Trouble actor Reeve Carney (which was released last week) sports a very similar-looking tattoo:

Do you think Harry decided to get this tattoo because he was inspired by Taylor’s music video? Lord, I hope not but … kids! Kids do the craziest things. At least Harry didn’t get Taylor’s name inked on his arm or anything silly like that … but give him time, it may yet happen.

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  • AwesomeMargie

    A ship? Really? What is he? Captain Jack Sparrow?

  • ceebee

    I look at Taylor and instantly feel like falling asleep.

  • Jennifer Wilson

    i like the tattoo. it seems like pretty much all tattoos are derivative of something…..might as well be the girl your dating’s new video boyfriend.

    • @Jennifer Wilson — Hahaha ;)

    • Joan

      LOL! It’s a relationSHIP.

    • @Joan — A+

  • Jennifer Wilson

    ps does the dude in the top photo look like rocky or what?

  • Liz

    It is better than I ♥ Taylor. :)

  • kekeb

    i think taylor just went to the tatoo shop for publicity………surely they can be away from eachother for 3 hours. but no, she has to stand over him . LOVE THE TAT HARRY HATE YOU GIRLFRIEND.!

  • Dawn Schaffer

    I actually kinda dig the ship tat.

    But really I’m just excited for their breakup and the new TSwifty album that will come of it.

    Also to watch Harry fans go CRAY defending his honor in the breakup’s wake.

    That will be my new gossip crack. And it will be deliciously addicting.