Jessica Simpson REPORTEDLY Confirms Her Second Pregnancy


Late last month we first heard that Jessica Simpson went and got herself pregnant again just 7 months after the birth of her first child Maxwell Drew. Today we are hearing that Jessica is quietly confirming to friends and family and she is pregs, even tho she has yet to make the news official to the public. According to Celebuzz, Jess spilled the beans to a friend at an Xmas party last week. Last weekend, Jess attended the wedding of her BFF Cacee Cobb and based on how she looked in her dress, it’s entirely feasible that she is pregs again. Hmmm.

Jessica Simpson has unwrapped a special gift just days before Christmas. The mommy mogul admitted at her dad Joe Simpson’s holiday party that she’s pregnant with her second child, Celebuzz can exclusively reveal. The Fashion Star judge, who attended the private function with her fiance Eric Johnson, has remained tight-lipped about reports that she’s expecting again, but she couldn’t contain her joy any longer at the annual festive bash Dec. 11. What did the new mom say? “As Jessica and her husband were about to leave the party somebody asked her, ‘How’s the baby?’ and she boasted, ‘Which one?! I’m pregnant again!’” One party-goer told Celebuzz but asked not to be identified because she is known to the family. “She was so happy, smiling and giggling” … The onlooker revealed that the 32-year-old mother seemed delighted with her second pregnancy, which comes just seven months after she gave birth to her first child, daughter Maxwell … “She looked beautiful,” said the party-goer.

If I had to bet money, I’d wager that Jessica is pregnant again. Altho she said earlier this year that she would wait to have a second child, my guess is that she is probably pretty happy that baby #2 is on the way, even if unplanned. I guess we’ll have to wait and hear the news officially from Jessica before we pop the champagne but … I’m guessing the bump watch has already gotten underway.

[Photo credit; Fame, INFdaily; Source]

  • AwesomeMargie

    There goes that Weight Watchers commercial which was just released.

    Actually, I’m happy for her. She’s quite brave to pull a Tori Spelling cause I couldn’t do it. I’m quite content with my 4-month old right now. The oven is off.

    • Vicky

      LMAO “the oven is off” lol

  • nicole

    pregnant or not, she looks great in those photos.

  • Joanna

    At this rate it will be 2014 before she and Eric walk down the aisle. Iremembe her saying when she was pregnant with Maxwell that he wanted to be at pre baby weight or less so she would look good in her dress. However, if she’s happy, I’m happy for her.

  • Mel

    I don’t buy it. The quote said “Jessica and her husband”….she’s not even married yet! How are we supposed to believe this if the basic information isn’t even correct?

  • ceebee

    So knowing Jess she’s only like one week pregs and this bub should be due sometime in 2014… bump watch from here to eternity!

    • Brent

      LOL this was basically what I was gonna say. She said she wanted to wait awhile until baby number 2 but we all know it takes her years to finally give birth! LOL

  • Courtney Puzzo

    some of you commenting aren’t very bright are ou she was more fertile after giving birth because a nursing mother can’t take hormonal birth control. besides having kids close together is nothing new Theresa Festko Newman’s 2 sons were 370 days apart as in Arthur Jr was born January 22nd 1924 and his younger brother film Icon Paul was born January 26th 1925 while for example Eleanor Gillisant Trimmier’s two children were 5 years & 4.05 mos apart correct her son Wade Woodward III was born October 24th 1924 and her daughter the younger Newman’s widow Joanne was born February 27th 1930. actually baby Maxwell was born 2 weeks early Jess’s due date had been May 15th and this one is due July 4th 2013 which meand she conceived in late September. had Newman and Woodward had all four of their kids the older two would be less than 9 months apart. Jessica has openly said she wants five children and feels like she started having them late at 31 Woodward would’ve had 3 at her age had she not miscarried her first at 4 months + three step-children from Newman’s first marriage

  • Elizabeth Whitehill

    good luck to her. my boys are 10 months and 27 days apart, its rough but fun.