Are Bethenny Frankel & Jason Hoppy Divorcing?


For the past few months (well, for the past year, actually), rumors have been pretty rampant that reality TV star/talk show host/liquor mogul Bethenny Frankel and husband Jason Hoppy have been having problems in their marriage. In fact, the couple’s seeming unhappiness was featured quite prominently on the last season of the couple’s reality TV show Bethenny Ever After. In recent weeks, reports have been going around that the couple were near splitting and today we hear from In Touch Weekly that the couple are reportedly dunzo! Now, keep in mind that this latest report has not been officially confirmed but, sadly, I wouldn’t at all be surprised if news of this split turned out to be true.

In Touch can exclusively reveal that Bethenny Frankel’s marriage to Jason Hoppy is over and the pair are headed for divorce. “She told him they are done,” a source close to the couple tells the new issue of In Touch, on newsstands now. “She’s meeting with lawyers and just figuring out the next steps. It’s over.” Adds an insider: “They’ve had their exit plan in mind for months. It’s really just a matter of when they’ll file.” Sources say that moment could be coming sooner rather than later. On Dec. 9 in NYC, a somber-looking Bethenny ran errands near the couple’s Tribeca apartment with their 2-year-old daughter, Bryn, in her arms — and without a wedding ring on her finger. “This has been bubbling up for a year,” says a friend of Bethenny’s, whose marital ups and downs were chronicled on her Bravo reality series, Bethenny Ever After. “Over the summer they spent time apart. She lived in the Hamptons for six weeks with Bryn while Jason stayed home in New York” … “Bethenny will never show it, but she’s devastated that it didn’t work,” says the friend of the self-proclaimed perfectionist. “She wanted it all — the career, the husband and the family.” Still, sources agree that Bethenny and Jason both want what’s best for daughter Bryn. “Bethenny puts Bryn first and Jason is a great dad,” a friend of Bethenny’s tells In Touch. “They love that kid and will do anything to make her happy.” A rep for Bethenny did not comment.

Of course the couple looked ecstatically happy when they got married back in 2010 but I was pretty surprised how much dirty relationship laundry they exposed on their reality TV show. The whole time I watched second season I was sure they were going to end up in divorce court. I guess we’ll have to wait and see what the couple has to say officially. Bethenney was on Watch What Happens Live last week and she swore things were fine in her marriage (tho she did confess that Jason was off on a golfing trip for a while with his buddies) so … stay tuned, I guess.


  • swile71


    • @swile71 — Well, I do. I like Bethenny.

    • swile71

      I saw her on Ellen and she doesn’t seem very likable…kinda full of herself. Can’t believe she’s getting a talk show. I’ll have to check it out and see if my opinion of her changes.

    • @swile71 — Honestly, yes, she is abrasive … but she’s a strong woman who knows what she wants, takes no crap from anyone and does things her way. She’s very intelligent, very inappropriate and very funny. I totally understand why someone people don’t like her but I totally love her.

    • ClaireMichelle

      I love her too, Trent. Such a personality!

  • LaToya

    I a big Bethenny fan, but watching the disagreements on their show made me cringe. I hope if they don’t work things out, it’s amicable. Separated and happy rather than together and fighting may be better for their child.