Ryan Murphy Shares A Photo Of Darren Criss As A ‘Sexy Santa’


Glee creator Ryan Murphy is sharing a bit of cheeky holiday cheer on his official Twitter profile today by posting a photo of actor Darren Criss as a sexy, shirtless Santa Claus. According to the accompanying caption, this photo of Criss will be featured in a Men of McKinley Calendar … or something like that. Click below to see the full size image and feast your eyes on Santa, baby.

Merry Christmas. Men of McKinley calendar coming soon…

Now, I’m not sure if this Men of McKinley Calendar is going to be produced for sale or if it will merely be featured on Glee as a fictional calendar but … I’d be willing to see more, either way. Of the guys on Glee, I guess Darren Criss is the best choice to be Sexy Santa … I mean, this photo is cute enough but it’s not overly hot. That being said, this photo is very Glee-like so, I guess it works. What do y’all think? Are you turned on by this image of Sexy Santa Darren?


  • Kara

    I find it untrue of Darren Criss, because if we remember his other photo shoots where he was showing some skin, he had some manly chest hair going on. Not gonna lie, I though he looked better as his true self. This looks like they photoshopped his head on a different body.

  • DJ

    Total photoshop of Ryan Murphy living out his fantasies.

    • Amanda

      Living out ALL our fantasies … and it worked .
      Saw this last night and damn near fell of my chair.
      Photo shopped or not , I have my new screen saver

    • DJ

      If I’m gona fall out f my chair for someone or lust after them, I want them to be real. Not fake. I don’t do fake people.

  • MJ

    Darren looks great, but am I the only one finding this kinda creepy? Like, your boss posting shirtless pics of you online?

    Yes, just call me Debbie Downer ;)

  • Grant

    Darren is easy on the eyes, but have you forgotten about Trouty-Mouth Sam?! Yummy!