Mariah Carey’s Daughter Prefers Pearls


Mariah Carey posted a supercute photo of her daughter Monroe on her official Instagram profile that clearly shows that the little miss greatly prefers pearls over diamonds. Mimi has made it very clear that she, personally, is a fan of the sparkly rocks … but Ms. Monroe, it appears, is her own woman with her own tastes ;)

Ms. Monroe seems to think sometimes pearls can be your best friends too: )

This is so adorable. The little girl my enjoy her pearls now but something tells me that she will gain a fondness for diamonds and other precious jewels. Something else tells me that we will eventually see Monroe Carey-Cannon dripping in diamonds, pearls and more. It won’t be long now.


  • nicole

    so cute! some of the pictures Mimi posts of her little ones are just too adorable. beautiful babies.

  • Michael

    God I hope they can sing like their mama when they’re older!! :)

  • Megan

    Absolutely adorable!