Movie Review: ‘The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey’


Last night Darion and I ventured out into the bitter cold LA weather (it was 57 … and drizzling!!!) to see The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey in IMAX 3D. Now, there are a lot of “IMAX” theaters in LA that aren’t really large size IMAX theaters. I’m not exactly sure how they get away with calling themselves IMAX theaters (and, thereby, charging more for ticket prices) but there are a few of those theaters around town. We, instead, opted to make the trek out to the boonies to see the film on an actual, large scale IMAX screen. While the both of us were a bit dismayed by all of the negative stuff that some people are saying about this first Hobbit film, we had to see it for ourselves. For the most part, I liked it … but, sadly, I didn’t really love it.

The first thing you have to realize is that The Hobbit is a really long movie. It clocks in at 2:50 minutes and believe me, it feels like 5:20 minutes. It was really fun to return to Peter Jackson’s Middle Earth and many of the scenes are beautiful but … not a lot of stuff happens over the course of the film. There’s a lot of talking and a lot of walking. The action scenes are plenty but they’re not really that exciting. Nothing really happens … at the end I was all, that’s it?! I can’t say that I was wowed by, well, anything in the film. That said, I didn’t hate the movie at all. IMHO, there is no reason that the J.R.R. Tolkien novel The Hobbit has to be turned into 3 three-hour movies but, the movie studio wants to make as much money as possible. For Jackson/Tolkien fans, this movie is a must see. For regular folks lookin’ for a good time at the movies, you might want to wait until this one comes out on DVD. Darion and I had fun, tho:

But we always have a good time together. The rest of my night was spent on the couch. I had to watch the season finales of Dexter, Homeland and Survivor and LAWD, I was up late. Not a bad weekend, I think. I hope you had a great one, too.

Happy Monday!

  • cutitout

    They could have separated it into two movies, tops. Just read The Hobbit and haven’t seen the movie yet but from where I heard they stopped it, seems like a bad idea.

  • Meghan

    Felt exactly the same way, Trent! They are going to have to do some serious plot embellishment to stretch this to three films. The Hobbit is not a very long book and not much happened in this first film, but I really don’t know how they are going to stretch this to two more!

    • Sue Mey

      I gave this movie 10 lembas. It was awesome plus this movies are not just based on The hobbit they are using source material from: Unfinished Tales of NĂºmenor and Middle-earth and I think they are also using The History of Middle-earth.

  • kendra

    Thoughts about the Dexter finale? I was waiting for that last part to happen since it happened (in a different way) in the books! It’s set up for an interesting last season.. :)

    • Vicky

      Yes!! The Dexter finale was kick-ass. I wonder what will happen… I’ve never read the books (don’t know if I even knew they were books!).

  • Peter

    They will stretch the movie by taking the last few pages with the battle of the five armies (which is only a page or two by itself). and turning that into the 3rd movie.

    1st movie: 1st (ish) half of the book
    2nd movie: 2nd half of the book
    3rd movie: last 10 pages of the book

  • LiQue

    i even cried! lol, i liked it very much!

  • lori

    wait. theyre making the hobbit into 3 MOVIES?