Watch: The New Trailer For ‘Snooki & JWoww’ Is Here


I’m not gonna front– I kinda rolled my eyes when I saw that this trailer was out. A lot of people are over the Jersey Shore thing (what with the show being, you know, over) and we’ve seen sooo many amazing pictures of baby Lorenzo, I didn’t really see the point in another Snooki & JWoww season (although I know PITNBR Dezden will wholeheartedly disagree with me, lol). However, I watched the trailer… and I was kinda, sorta into it! I like that the focus really does seem to be on Snooki’s new life as a Mom and JWoww’s new life as a wannabe fiance (even if we already know she gets the ring in the end). Peep the video for more! Anybody else into it?



  • nicole

    i kind of liked the first season. it didnt seem as over the top as JS. and im actually looking forward to season 2. Snooki as a mom seems like it’ll be a good watch – and finally not in a train wreck kind of way.

  • Dezden

    LOL!!! Oh Shannon, I love you! Hahahaha! I haven’t been doing a good job keeping up with PINTB while on vacation, so I just now saw this and am cracking up. But as you know… I am into it!! I’m actually watching Thursday’s episode of Jersey Shore now. I still love these nuts.