New ‘Family Guy’ And ‘American Dad’ Episodes Get Postponed Following The Shooting In Connecticut


It looks like Hollywood is responding to the tragic shooting  that took place at Sandy Hook Elementary School on Friday. Earlier today Trent shared the beautiful opening performance on last night’s episode of Saturday Night Live– The Manhattan Children’s Chorus singing Silent Night, which was the perfect tribute to the children and teachers we lost on Friday. Now we’re learning that other programs are finding small ways to acknowledge the tragedy. Click inside to learn more.

E! has the story:

More Hollywood sympathy emerges in the wake of the Newton shooting on Friday.

After movie premieres like Jack Reacher and Parental Guidance were cancelled, as well as SyFy’s Haven episodes being pulled, now Fox has also followed suit, honoring the victims of the Connecticut school massacre by pulling new episodes of Family Guy and American Dad on Sunday, airing repeats instead.

The network decided not to air Family Guy’s “Jesus, Mary and Joseph!” episode this upcoming Sunday in which Peter tells his own version of the nativity story as well as American Dad’s “Minstrel Krampus,” which features a demon who punishes naughty children. The episodes are being withheld due to possibly sensitive material.

Instead, Sunday’s programming will feature repeats of “Grumpy Old Man” and “Wheels & The Legman and The Case of Grandpa’s Key.”

There’s no word yet when the shelved new episodes will air.

I’m glad to hear that people everywhere are responding to this, but I also agree with Trent– it will, sadly, all blow over soon. I remember when premieres were cancelled and Hollywood bigshots were speaking out over The Dark Knight Rises shooting in Aurora. The patterns tell me (and this amazing writer with HuffPost) that this wall all blow over… again. Unless, of course, we (the people, the media, the politicians, the artists, the everyone) decide that our response needs to be stronger and more active than ever before.



  • Megan

    Exactly. We all get over it and nothing happens, until we’re outraged when it happens again. We have to continue to express our opinions or it will once again be swept under the rug until the next one.

  • Scott

    Damn, I was looking forward to seeing a new Family Guy tonight!