Love Annie


Yesterday was a mostly quiet but very productive day for me. I spent much of the day redecorating my home. I did some furniture shopping on Friday and early Saturday morning it was all delivered. I still have a couple more things to get but overall, my place is coming together. David and I have very different decorating styles and for the entire time we lived together, much of our home was decorated to his liking. While I didn’t mind the minimal sparcity, it’s not really the way that I would’ve done things. Now is the time for me to make my home more me.

While most of the day was spent cleaning, setting up and rearranging, last evening turned into a very unexpected surprise. I’m a huge fan of graffiti artwork and I have a couple of fave LA artists who I like to follow. In August, I procured a very cool painting from Thank You X which I’ve now hung in my living room. Last night, another fave artist of mine named Annie Preece gave away a huge painting … and I am the lucky owner. I follow Annie on Twitter and Instagram and last night she posted a photo of a free painting that was left out on the street for a lucky person to nab. I recognized the location, it was close to my home so I jumped in the car and rushed out to grab the painting:

There are a few Beverly Hills signs here in LA but I recognized this particular sign … and managed to snap up the painting. It was so fun, so crazy. I pulled up and parked my car (illegally, I’m afraid) so I could jump out and snatch the painting. It felt like an art heist, to be honest. I grabbed and ran with it to my car (mainly so that I could move my car before a cop came by). As you can see in the second photo, it’s a huge painting on a heavy piece of wood. As I was pulling away, I saw Annie and some friends run up to where the painting was and they started cheering. I got to briefly meet and shake Annie’s hand and I thanked her profusely for being so amazing. Now I have an Annie Preece original in my living room :)

This is the second piece of free art I’ve found. Back in January of this year, I accidentally stumbled on a small piece of free art that was found in Downtown Detroit on Free Art Friday. Each Friday, artists leave pieces of art in Detroit for people to find and keep. I’m not sure if anyone does this kind of stuff in your area but keep your eyes peeled, you may find yourself a free piece of art, too :)

Anyways, that was my day yesterday. Today, I’m gonna chill for most of the day and then Darion and I are going to see The Hobbit in IMAX tonight. I hope you are having a fantastic Sunday. Happy Weekend :)

  • kendra

    Break-ups suck..No question..But there is something to be said for being single and doing whatever the eff you want with your stuff..I hope you’re enjoying living the exact way you want to live, even though the circumstances aren’t the most pleasant at the moment..One of the greatest pleasures I felt after a particularly devastating break-up was finally spreading out in my bed..I wake up sideways sometimes and it feels GLORIOUS! ;)

  • Iris B

    Trent, my ex and I broke up a little earlier than the time you and David did. It was so painful, and one of the best things that have helped me find my identity is watching the things that you do. Now by no means am I happy for what happened to you – I feel horrible. It just is a great inspiration to see you up and out and making things your own world (Running, going to Hawai’i, experiencing and snatching art LOL). Thank you. You’ve been the best blog I followed since I was 16/17. Love you!

  • Kiki

    Trent, I tweeted this last night and I think you just need to see it. I thought about it as I was ordering my dinner (obvs pizza) and it made me so happy and cheered me up that I ate the whole damn thing! I know it’s food and not decorations, but it is still a perk of being single. “Being single really has its benefits when it comes to pizza: toppings I want, eating outta the box, & getting to eat all 4 corner pieces “

  • Shannon

    Trent, that was an awesome story! LMAO at ‘art heist’! That was intense, for reals :)

    Congrats on the new piece and happy re-decorating!

  • Kelly George

    I’ve been following you since the “pre-David” days…I just want you to be happy and it sounds as though you are finding/creating the happiness, whether it’s your very cool found art or making changes to your home environment… you are finding/creating the happiness in your life and I am glad to see it.

  • Leah

    I really wish there was video of this art snatching action!

  • Candy

    That is SO cool! I wonder if artists do something like that in Denver.

  • Dezden

    THAT IS SO COOL!!!! What a good find!! And the fact that you got to meet her!!!

  • Tess

    Trent, it sounds as if you and David have broken up? I’ve been away for a while, so please forgive me if this is old OLD news. I wish you nothing but good things, happiness and love.