Jennifer Lawrence Is Looking Pretty Bad-Ass In Italian ‘Vogue’


Jennifer Lawrence is um. Awesome. Did you see her British Vogue cover? Did you see her W magazine spread? Did you see The Hunger Games?!?! LOL, I am really into her for a lot of different reasons. Mainly, I think she’s really smart. And, for whatever reason, I can kinda sense that from her magazine spreads, no matter how high fashion or weird or sexy they are. There’s something really smart about her. And I like smart. I also like sexy… not that the two are mutually exclusive. Click inside to see J Law being all bad ass and sexy (and smart) in a new spread for Vogue Italia.

Jennifer Lawrence For Vogue Italia

Look at that bathing suit shot! Kinda reminds  of that Lea Michele photo shoot we saw the other day. I need a bathing suit with a cool-ass jacket to go over it, apparently.

Do you love the shoot? Jennifer is so friggen awesome. And I’m really starting to fall in lurve with Italian Vogue! Their photo shoots have a very particular style that pretty much always brings out the bad-assery in everyone (see Kate Upton’s spread and Miranda Kerr’s). I need an Italian Vogue photo shoot, apparently. Or at least, the mentality behind them, lol. Me likey!


  • nicole

    l-o-v-e this shoot. she looks amazing.

  • muchacha

    She just looks like she has such pizazz, right?; I have a serious crush on her.

  • ClaireMichelle

    I am so absolutely obsessed with her. She is ahmahzing as is this shoot!!!

    Also, Jen will be hosting SNL January 10th!! It will be a can’t-miss episode, I promise you that.

    • muchacha

      Putting it in my calendar, thanks!!

  • Dezden

    Cool photos! Very cool. She is actually from my hometown of Louisville! Represent!