Here Are The Top 5 ‘YesPlease, MoreThankYou’ Moments From ‘Blown Away,’ The Last Episode Of ‘Scandal’


Yesterday afternoon, Trent and I decided to stop blogging in light of the tragedy that occurred at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut. I can’t tell you how weird it feels to be writing about Scandal with all this on my mind, but here goes. The last episode of the winter finale aired Thursday night and it was far more intense than I think we expected. Like, seriously. Insane. And I miss the show already, lol. Click inside for the final recap of 2012!

So, this episode pretty much had everyone in a glass case of emotion. I was watching it on a recording and every time I went on Facebook all the statuses were like ‘Trust Nobody! #Scandal’ LMAO! There were so many twists and turns, it was unreal. In fact, I had a moment where I felt like I kinda understood why Scandal wasn’t nominated for a Golden Globe, much as I would have liked it to be. Scandal can be a bit too much– which is why I like it, and I wouldn’t change an effing thing about it either, lol.

Last week’s episode ended on the #WhatTheHuck moment to end all #WhatTheHuck moments. While it looked like Huck had attempted to assassinate President Fitz, many of you hypothesized that it totally wasn’t him. And praise the gods, it wasn’t our beloved Huck! But the fact that it was his new boo was kinda just as bad! I mean, nooooobody saw that ish coming and I still don’t know what to do with myself. Really Becky? Agh. We shoulda known with a name like Becky, lmao. No offense… to any Beckys.

And then the whole rest of the episode was just a series of effings-over! Cyrus and James were going through it. Then the acting President came after Judge Verna, like, while she was getting chemotherapy. #NoShame Strangely enough, I couldn’t help but be a wee bit excited that we had our first woman POTUS, lol! But no, she’s crazy. And she needs to be stopped. We also saw the worst thing ever, which was the planning of President Fitz’s funeral. Like, seriously? Already??? That’s how they do things up in The White House? Madness. And poor Olivia has to sit there and help = the worst. So much other craziness went down, so let’s get to it!

The Top 5 ‘YesPlease, MoreThankYou’ Moments From ABC’s Scandal,
Season 2, Episode 9: Blown Away
P.S. The ABC Website doesn’t have the current episode up so, I couldn’t get a ton of screen shots (just the few I could find online)! Total bummer, but I think we’ll be okay.

1. Becky Is CIA = Love Is Dead

Sooooooo yeah. Becky, who we met and totally lurved a few episodes back, was CIA the whole time. But that wasn’t the crazy part! The crazy part was that Huck didn’t know! And even when all of the Gladiators got all that info on her and they were like Huck. Ya girl was CIA. He was still in denial! That destroyed me. I mean, have we ever seen Huck looking like a dumbass? We’ve seen him looking like a lot of things (like a killer, like an addict, like a homeless guy), but never like an idiot. I mean, not that he really looked like an idiot… but when it became clear that she was playing him… and he still refused to believe the Gladiators, I was like OMG. Huck really got played! And all love in this world is dead now. But then she came back! And I was kinda, sorta, into the idea of them running off into the CIA sunset together! However, after they made sweet lurve atop all of her creepy CIA photos of him, and he asked Becky for her real name… and she refused to give it, I was like Oh ish. Something’s about to pop off. But I had no clue what I was in store for– more on that later.

2. Cyrus Tells Olivia His Husband Is A Slut And It’s Hilarious

LMAO! When James first went back to work at the White House I knew it was gonna be a blast watching him and Cyrus go at it. Scandal is a brilliant show because it highlights the fact that there is no separation between the political and the personal, much as we may want there to be. Cyrus was afraid of his husband returning to work and now we know why– James is good at what he does. And he’s just as ambitious and as hungry for the truth as many of the Scandal characters. So Cyrus had him followed, because he actually thought James was creepin’ on him, and then he went over to Liv’s house to lament about it– it was adorable. I friggen love when ‘Liv and Cyrus hang out, lmao! And Cyrus kinda went in on James, bringing up his slutty past (OMG… I hate it when people do that [to me]!), and complaining about how he was getting cheated on. But what was crazy was how– when Cyrus found out the truth– you could tell he kinda wished things had been as he originally suspected. Like, he’d much rather get cheated on than have James (or anyone else) know about Defiance. So what does he do? He gets James a BABY! OMG! And all James could say was yes, yes, I quit, I’m staying home, yes!

Quote It: I’m not gonna stop saying yes.

But he was playing Cyrus! He was lit’rally up in some swanky Babies ‘R Us with David, talking about Defiance while the private investigator thought he was lookin’ at some damn onesies. OMG. I love it.

Quote It: He offered me a baby. He hates babies! So I know he knows.
Quote It: Now my young, handsome, slutty husband is cheating on me and I’m gonna grow old alone and die.

3. What Just Happened With Abby And David ‘Cause That Was Awkward?

Sooo, WTF was this all about? First of all, early in the episode Abby hit up David to get that White House video footage, so they could find out how much everyone knew about Huck. This was also how they found out that Becky was CIA. But did y’all catch that moment where they were both just staring into each other’s eyes/souls for like, 17 seconds straight? Awwwwkward. Then she showed up at his house, slapped him around, shoved her fingers in his mouth (all, I think, in an attempt to see if he would respond violently… creepy, lol) and did the damn thang with him behind the couch! But then she looked really mad/hurt/satisfied/dissatisfied when she left! I was a little confused, but I wondered if she’s got that thing in her gut telling her that David’s a good dude… even though she’s obviously scared to get hurt again.

4. Huck Kind Of Goes IN On Olivia

For whatever reason, this was one of my favorite moments in the episode. Olivia was flipping out on Huck about Becky, and she was all like What are you doing?! Get out of here! That chick is playing games with your heart, blah blah blah. Granted, it was all true. But Huck kinda went in on her at a certain point and it was pretty awesome: Do I tell you who to love? No! So don’t tell me! And Olivia had to shut the hell up because yeah. I dunno. I love Olivia but sometimes she forgets that other people are human, just like she is and it was kinda cool to see Huck remind her of that. We also got the sense that he knew about her relationship with the President, which wouldn’t really surprise me at all.

5. Fuck Feminism. Women Are Completely Insane.

Okay. So yeah. No. I can’t with these women. First of all, all that drama that popped off betwixt the acting President and Judge Verna was sooo wrong! First the Vice President/President does Verna dirty and demands her resignation, using the Judge’s illness (and the concealment thereof) as a weapon against her. Madness! Then Verna does Olivia/Huck dirty when she suggests that the guy in the criminal sketches looks like Huck and– like a friggen hawk– she watches Olivia to see if her inclination is true. She then snitches on Huck to save her seat on the bench! We shouldn’t be surprised because we’ve seen how she gets about that seat, but daaaaamn! She really was not playing.

Quote It: That bible-thumping bitch is blackmailing me! (Verna)

But here’s where I really had to start questioning life, love, and feminism as I know it. Becky. Ohhhh, Becky. Really? Huck decided he didn’t wanna come meet you and yeah, he was about to look for evidence in your apartment, and yeah he shoulda known that you were tapping his phone, but really? You had to go and kill “his” whole family? The dog? Really? Ugh. I’d give anything for a screenshot of that dog right now! Damn you Becky!!!!!!

I can’t. I can’t ride for women anymore ya’ll, lmao! Y’all are insane! Who does this stuff?! Insane.

Anyway, this was the perfect winter finale episode, IMO (although I did kinda miss my girl Mellie). I can’t wait to see what happens when we get back. Will Fitz survive/reunite with Olivia?! Will Huck recover/learn to love again/evade prison?! And will I receive the only Christmas gift I want– fancy magical limp plumper that gives me the Kerry Washington mouth of my dreams?


  • Karen

    No need to fixate on the women and feminism. There isn’t a single innocent man on the show, either. Hollis (is that his name?) blew up the building and didn’t care that he killed several people. Cyrus didn’t care either. Every character on the show uses others.

    I can’t always watch this show. All of the premises are too depressing — how awful people are and how illegitimate the government is. It’s not a good place for me to spend my thoughts. I do enjoy the suspense and intrigue, though.

    • Karen

      (Sorry for the downer comment… Apparently my angst about the Sandy Hook murders has spread to other things. Sigh)

    • Shannon

      Karen, no worries! I was def being dramatic with number 5, lol. I just felt like, in this episode, the women were really going above and beyond the call of duty!

  • Addygal

    Thanks Shannon for the recap. I LIVE for them every week. This was a great way to take my mind off of the news saturation I have found myself in since yesterday. My heart is broken for the victims of CT. and their families. It is understandable and respectful of you and Trent not posting in light of yesterday’s events. This episode was off the chart crazy/scary/awesome : ) and I can’t wait for the hiatus to be over.

  • Shannon

    Heather Scheimann Suvak, so glad you’re enjoying these! Thank you :)

  • Jessica

    Does anyone else wonder if Washington/politics is really this bad????
    I love Huck and am so sad that Becky killed his “family”.

    • Karen

      @Jessica That question is exactly why sometimes I just can’t watch this show! It’s too distressing to me that I could never say with any confidence, “no, of course it’s not!” I wonder if they have special conspiracy theorist consultants!

      Totally agree about Huck’s family. :(

      I’m a little confused by everything about the CIA on this show, but I’ll save that for another discussion!