Watch: Taylor Swift Releases A Music Video For ‘I Knew You Were Trouble’


A little while back we heard Taylor Swift’s new single I Knew You Were Trouble (off the album Red) and I couldn’t believe that I was legitimately into a Taylor Swift song. Like… I love this song, lol! Maybe it’s the dub step… whatever it, it’s workin’ for me. Today we get our first look at the video and it’s pretty fun (minus the monologues, which appear in the full version, here). Taylor plays a seemingly good girl who falls for a bad guy– a familiar tale, but at least you get to see Taylor rockin’ and raving like cray. Peep the video for more! Are you into it?

The video isn’t officially being released until later tonight, so if this one gets taken down you can watch it on MTV.


  • Michelle

    I wanted to hate it. I really did, something about her just tends to annoy me for the most part. But I must admit I’ve been jammin’ to this song since I first heard it. lol, I love it. This video pretty good too.

  • Lulu

    Damn, girl can write a catchy tune. I frigging love this song!

  • Matthew

    I think she’s a talented songwriter. I have a feeling that when both her and her target audience have gotten a little older, she will make a brilliant mature album that everyone will be able vibe to.

    In the meantime, she gets to date the hottest guys. And she has Reeve Carney in this video. It’s really easy to hate Taylor Swift right now. lol

  • Isabelle

    I must say I’m like Michelle on this one. Didn’t want to love it, really didn’t. Crept up on me like that.

    But the real question is: So, who’s this one about ?