Did Hospital Criticism Trigger The Suicide Of Jacintha Saldanha?


When we first heard about Jacintha Saldanha, the nurse who committed suicide after being the victim of the Kate Middleton hospital prank, a lot of us wondered about who (if anyone) was to blame for the tragedy. Fingers were pointed at the radio station DJs who made the prank call (they’ve since been taken off the air, and spoken out to voice their regret), but many of us assumed that the prank alone could not have been the reason for Saldanha’s death. Hospital officials claimed to have been supportive of the nurse following the prank, but new details are emerging that might prove otherwise. Click inside for more.

TMZ has the report:

The nurse in the Kate Middleton hoax may have hanged herself in part because the hospital came down on her hard … this according to a new report.

The Daily Mail claims to have a source connected to the nurse’s family, who says in one of the suicide notes the woman, Jacintha Saldanha, is critical of the hospital for the treatment she received.  The story does not flesh out whether the treatment is connected to the hoax, but it appears to be the case, given one of the other suicide notes which reportedly describes how she tried to cope with the fallout due to the prank call.

So the question … did hospital management come down on the nurse hard?  A hospital spokesperson claims hospital management was supportive, but they are not privy to what she wrote in the notes.

As for the third note, the report claims the nurse laid out plans for her funeral.

This is really a terrible story, and I won’t even hypothesize about the hospital’s involvement in Saldanha’s death. Like I said, I don’t believe any one, single event can be pinpointed as the cause of something like a suicide. However, I also find it hard to believe that Saldanha received absolutely no criticism for what happened on the job. Obviously, if she did catch some flack, I can’t imagine that it was of a malicious sort, or that anybody criticizing her could have imagined the outcome.

Do these new details change any of  your original thoughts on the story? Should the hospital take some responsibility for their possible role in Jacintha Saldanha’s death?

Oh, and I’ve just learned that the radio station responsible for the prank call will be donating their ad profits for the rest of the year to a fund created for Saldanha’s family. Thought that was a good thing.


  • ellobie

    Wait a minute. It’s very sad that this woman took her own life. But to blame it on the hospital? Give me a break. Her job as a nurse or receptionist was not to give out medical details over the phone and she did just that. Of course the hospital should have reprimanded or even fired her for her involvement. If I completely failed at my job, I would expect the same. Whether it was a radio station playing a prank or some other weirdo trying to pry into personal lives, the actions of all of the hospital employees who made this happen should be held responsible. I mean, come on, this isn’t even patient privacy 101, it’s just basic common sense.

    • @ellobie — “Her job as a nurse or receptionist was not to give out medical details over the phone” She gave out no information at all, she just transferred the call to the nurse who did give out the information.

      “If I completely failed at my job” She did not “completely fail” at her job. She answered a call, took the caller at their word and transferred the call to someone else. Nowhere near a failure.

      It’s hard to ever decide who is to blame but some of the things you are basing your opinion on are completely incorrect.

  • Shannon m.

    I’m curious what has come of the nurse who actually DID give out the information? Nothing (that i’ve seen) has been written regarding that?

    • JCZ

      I’m thinking the same thing. Yet also thinking… why are people still on this story. It’s a suicide, it’s sad, now move on. There needs NO inquiry from either UK or Australian government.

      The woman had VERY obvious medical conditions. She did nothing wrong and found that since there was backlash (amongst UK media of course, the scum of media with their nose so far up an irrelevant royal family’s arse) that it was an excuse to end her life. She made the decision, no one made it for her. Suicides are chosen for other reasons, depression of course and occur when things reach boiling point. But in the end, they make that decision as their way of ending the suffering and pain. Some call it selfish, other’s don’t and I’m not here to judge or make that decision for the nurse since we don’t know all the answers. But we don’t NEED to know them – it was a tragedy that needs to blow over.

      The DJs don’t deserve the death threats they’re receiving. Sure they f***ed up. But how were they or ANYONE to know what would happen. Who would even think to ask, would this person commit suicide? Very little. Taking them off air etc. was a good thing, temporarily. The station doesn’t have a great reputation anyway with previous jockeys (or current, I don’t listen to the station) and that was for far worse incidents (a jockey asking an underage girl about their sex life after she said she had been raped) – but backlash for this is pointless.