Britney Spears Has Begun Work On Her Next Album


Great news, Britney Spears fans … according to songwriter Elijah Blake, our dear Britney has begun work on her forthcoming 8th album! At this early stage, there are no concerete details to gush over but we do know that work is officially underway on her next release. Blake spilled the deets about his involvement with Britney’s new album and according to him, fans will be surprised by the “unexpected” new sound. OMG, I’m dying already. Click below to learn more about the work being done on Britney’s next album.

Following up her seventh studio outing “Femme Fatale”, pop icon Britney Spears has started writing new material for her next album. Her collaborator, American hip-hop songwriter Elijah Blake reveals the new album is set to surprise her fans and followers with a new sound. “I think her fans will be surprised by it,” Blake said in an interview with That Grape Juice about his work with the famous entertainer. “I would say it’s definitely the ‘unexpected’ Britney in so many ways.” Spears, who currently is one of the judges in the highly-popular TV show “The X Factor (US)”, found time to work on her 8th album with the Roc Nation label talent in between her judging chores … Spears’ latest work teams her up with Black Eyed Peas’ member will.I.Am for his single “Scream and Shout”. As for Elijah Blake, he became prominent by writing hits for Usher and Rihanna. His recent works include writing songs for R’n’B artist Keyshia Cole.

YESSSS!!! This is very welcome news. With the recent release of Scream & Shout, my intense desire for a new Britney Spears album has started a slow burn. It is my sincere hope that her 8th album will be out in 2013 because I don’t think I could wait any longer than that. I’m encouraged by this talk that Britney’s new album will be full of surprising new music. At this point in her career, she can take more risks and put out music that pushes the boundaries. While I would LOVE for her to release another album like Blackout, I don’t know that we will get that lucky. Still, I’m very encouraged by the news that she is collaborating with Elijah Blake so … let the handwringing commence! It may feel like a very long wait for the next Britney album but soon … I hope we will be feasting our ears soon.

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  • ClaireMichelle

    Ahhhhh!! This is such great news! I almost wish I hadn’t heard it because now I want a new album like… Yesterday!

  • trr

    blackout is so great im gonna go for a run and listen to it right away.

    thank you PITNB

  • miguel

    NOT gonna believe the hype this time around, they were overhyping her last two albums like they were liquid gold…and was completely disappointed with the finished product.

    Her team needs to get back to the real deal, and make a hybrid of In The Zone/Blackout. Those are truly her greatest albums.

    • @miguel — Really? ‘Femme Fatale’ was one of the best albums of 2011. It may not have been revolutionary but it was damn good.

    • Vicky

      Could not agree more!!! Femme Fatale was a freakin killer album. Probably her best overall. Brit’s back in the groove and there’s no reason to expect that her new album isn’t going to be epic.

  • Ky

    This is exciting, but she needs to get back to her dancing ways again and her Slave 4 U/Me against the music…. That was her prime… There’s no excuse for her not to dance like that anymore. Beyonce is still dancing, along with Christina and others from her era… This is a make or break album or her music/entertainment career is in jeopardy!

  • Dezden