Ariel Winter’s Father Now Has Control Of Her Estate


We’ve been following the Ariel Winter’s custody case for the past few weeks, and it’s been pretty intense. The young Modern Family actress has been living with her older sister Shanelle, following allegations of abuse against her mother. While in her sister’s custody we’ve heard some scary things about her mother (that may or may not be true) and some not-so-great things about her sister as well. We’re now learning that the family has come to a decision about Ariel’s finances, and that decision will cut Ariel’s mom out of the picture entirely. Click inside to learn more.

TMZ has the report:

Ariel Winter’s dad now has control over her estate — namely her finances — which was part of the settlement struck today outside the courtroom … BUT the dad can’t make a move without dealing with a group of professional advisers who work directly for Ariel.

Glenn Workman just got the green light from the judge to manage Ariel’s money. Interesting … considering Glenn filed a declaration in the case calling Ariel “my retirement surprise child.” But here’s the deal … Glenn can’t make business decisions without first discussing them with Ariel’s lawyer, Blair Berk and others. If he disagrees with the advisers, a judge is the tiebreaker.

Under the terms of the settlement, Ariel’s sister, Shanelle, will remain the guardian of Ariel, meaning Ariel’s mom, Chrystal, has been cut out of everything.

The move is temporary, but could become permanent in March.

The settlement was struck before a court fight over the guardianship … a fight that promised to be ugly.

After today’s settlement, Ariel’s brother Jimmy Workman told reporters his family would be seeking therapy and counseling to get back together. Jimmy said his father is “happy and thrilled” with the settlement and so is his mom.

We also asked if Ariel’s relationship with her older boyfriend would continue from here — and Jimmy replied, “I hope it doesn’t. This young man is over the age of 18. He should know better. It’s completely disgusting that he does this.


It sounds like the family is working through these things amicably, which is always a good thing. In terms of Ariel’s guardianship, nothing is set in stone until March, but hopefully a judge will rule in her best interest. As we’ve seen with Halle Berry and her family, custody battles can get pretty ugly– here’s hoping Ariel’s family can resolve their issues without any more drama.
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  • Lulu

    You know what really rubs me the wrong way??

    How her brother is always SO happy to talk to TMZ, the press, or anyone about their family’s business and his opinion on his sister. I find it gross, and definitely not cool. I know he quit the biz, but man it sure seems like he wants all the attention he can get.

  • nicole

    didn’t her dad call her his “early retirement surprise” or something like that?
    the only that i havent seen (but could be wrong) talk about this poor little girl is her sister. her parents & her brother seem to have no issue opening their mouths to the public