Watch: Liam Hemsworth Gets Into A Crazy Street Fight In Philadelphia


Miley Cyrus’s fiancé Liam Hemsworth was videotaped having a real, live, street fight with some random dude in Philadelphia. Liam’s fine and no arrests were made that night, but I kinda feel bad for poor Miley! She just got totally reamed for a new look she rocked during a performance, her dog passed away (which is really sad– I used to see him all up in her Twit pics), and now her fiancé is on video fighting like a friggen 8th grader! TMZ caught the young actor and now the fight is here for your viewing pleasure… or displeasure (honestly, it looks like the other guy got jumped… and I’m not a fan of that ish). It’s almost impossible to recognize Liam, but apparently he’s the one punching the guy (on the ground) in the face. It’s not completely surprising either, seeing as how this isn’t his first public brawl. Click inside to see one more video of the victim and to read more about how ish popped off.

TMZ has the report:

Miley Cyrus’ fiance Liam Hemsworth rocked another man HARD in the face during a ferocious street fight … and TMZ has footage of the violent altercation.

It all went down early Sunday morning in Philly — sources on the scene tell TMZ, Liam had just left a bar when he confronted a guy he thought had thrown a rock at him and his friend.

In the video, the punchee is on the ground clinging to Liam’s leg … until Liam plows a fist into his face, and pushes his head down toward the asphalt. Liam’s friend helped hold the guy down.

Cops quickly arrived and dispersed the crowd, but made no arrests. Liam took off with his friend.

After the fight, the victim doesn’t seem to comprehend he got his ass kicked, drunkenly slurring, “I don’t think [Liam] fared much better.” (Hint: yes, he did.)

We couldn’t track down the victim to ask if he plans to file a police report — but Philly PD tells us nothing’s been filed so far.

By the way, our source on the scene says no one saw a rock get thrown.

We’ve made multiple calls to Liam’s camp … but haven’t heard back from ‘em.


  • Sofia

    People are always like, what does this hot aussie see in Miley Cyrus, but it looks like he’s just as trashy as she is. ugh I can’t even.

    • Sals

      i totally agree! i used to think why is this good looking guy going for Miley??? he’s just as messed!

  • Beth

    He strikes me as someone who has anger issues. When Miley punk’d him, he flipped shit and attacked her car (actors were locked inside) before calling the police. He always has some pissed off look. Honestly, I’d NEVER approach him and certainly would never talk to him. He’d probably go psycho…

    • @Beth — I agree, he strikes me as a very aggro guy. It’s not a cute look.