Watch: It’s Monsters Vs. Robots In The New Trailer For ‘Pacific Rim’

Too Much Awesome for One Movie

Next July director Guillermo Del Toro will bring us a blockbuster, action-packed sci fi film that will pit massive, alien monsters from the deep sea against massive, human-controlled robots. Before the release of this trailer, I never even heard of Pacific Rim. Having watched it just one time, I can’t stop thinking about it. Del Toro is truly one of my favorite directors so I know this film will deliver. If this trailer is any indication, we are not ready for the epicness that will be unleashed when this film opens next Summer. Check it out, fall in love.

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  1. VV

    Meh. Looks like a bit of Iron Man, a bit of Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow, and a bit of Godzilla. In other words, been done before.

  2. Isabelle

    I know I’m gonna watch that railers multiple times, that’s for sure. And while I do that I only have one word to say: Dafuq ???

  3. Did you see any of the viral marketing videos? My buddies and I have been following any news about this film since Comic-Con. The word ‘epic’ does not do the trailer justice.

  4. This looks awesome! And it has Idris Elba!

  5. ceebee

    What is it with Charlie Hunnam’s accent? Still love him though, this looks pretty good!

  6. Sam

    Trailer looks like its selling the movie short. I wouldn’t be interested except for the fact that Guillermo Del Toro is directing and that sexy Idris Elba is in it; ;)

  7. Charing


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