Lindsay Lohan Is Reportedly OVER Max George Of The Wanted After He Calls Her A ‘Groupie’


So, for the past week or so Lindsay Lohan has been totally enamored of Max George of The Wanted. First she stalked the boy band here in the US, then she finally got her hands on Max himself … and his clothes. Then we learned that Lindsay decided to skip out on going to court so that she could follow Max and The Wanted on tour over seas. Today we learn that there may be trouble in paradise. After Max referred to Lindsay as a “groupie”, her lurve for him reportedly cooled off … to the point where she unfollowed him on Twitter! Gasp! Could this be the end of Lindsay’s life as a boy band groupie?

After following The Wanted for several days, Lindsay Lohan now seems to distance herself from the boyband as she’s no longer following Max George on Twitter. Her move comes hot on heels of a new interview done by her crush, during which he called her a “groupie.” Max made such comment about LiLo when asked by ITN reporter backstage at Capital FM’s Jingle Bell Ball if he’s dating LiLo. “No, what’s the right word for her? A yeah, a groupie!” he answered, to which his fellow bandmate jokingly added, “She is probably hiding in our suitcase right now!” Lindsay Lohan has been labeled as The Wanted’s groupie by the media since she hopped on their tour bus. She didn’t seem to object it though and continued to follow them in their tour. It was apparently a different story when the labeling came straight from Max himself. Regardless of the rumor that she’s mad at Max over his “groupie” comment, the troubled actress still follows three other members of the British boyband, Siva Kaneswaran, Jay McGuiness and Nathan Sykes.

LOL. Oh Linds. Of all the things she is guilty of, she is most ashamed of being called a groupie? You’re a groupie, get over it. My guess is that if Lindsay does, indeed, decide to dump Max (or vice versa) it’ll be because the couple’s fraternization has run its course. I don’t think anyone thinks these two are in it for the long haul. I always figured they’d be in it for the 2-week haul.


  • ceebee

    I can’t imagine what other people call her over twitter, groupie seems like possibly the nicest…

  • Magan

    I’m sure there was more said privately. I don’t think that Lindsay would stop following someone because he called her a groupie. That’s just lame!

    • @Magan — “That’s just lame!”

      Erm, you know we’re talking about L. Lo, right?

  • Adrian

    This is some great Lifetime movie material.

    • @Adrian — Hahahaha. Starring Amanda Bynes ;)

    • Chris

      Or for a twist, maybe they can CGI in Elizabeth Taylor. It would be like commercial where Fred Astaire danced with the vacuum.

    • Adrian

      That is just genious!

  • emily

    well, he won … now I know the name of his band, his own name, and the fact they’re on tour. Didn’t know any of this before, so that guy won the game! And he’s giggling and pointing fingers at LL the whole time.
    I’m no LL fan … is there a PITNBR who is? But there is a small part of me (i.e., the inner 12 year old) who is embarrassed for her … the end of schoolboy crushes is sad, esp when you’re a 26 y/o adult (-ish) and called out on twitter. She brought it on herself, but still, can’t help cringing a bit inside.

  • Joan

    “She is probably hiding in our suitcase right now!” LMAO, that line is precious! I did know about The Wanted. I did know some of their songs and so. Not enough to consider myself a fan, but still… Judging from interviews and Twitter fights, I think they are hilarious. haha! But seriously, Lilo, groupie is as a groupie does.

  • Sarah

    Gotta hit it and quit it lol