Lea Michele Gets Sexy On ‘Em For Her ‘Marie Claire’ Cover Shoot


Ever since we saw Lea Michele in that gorgeous Valentino dress, I’ve seriously had my eye on her… and I’m still not over how amazing she looked that night. The Glee starlet is covering the January 2013 issue of Marie Claire and I am loving her photo shoot. Gwen Stefani looked amazing on the magazine’s UK cover, but Lea gets a much softer look in her spread. My fave pic has to be this one of her in the white Stella McCartney blazer and white bodysuit; I mean, I have no reason to wear such an outfit, but I absolutely love it! And the makeup is so natural; she just looks great (some of the poses even reminded me of the glorious work of Michella Cruz). Peep the gallery for more and go here to read her interview. The Bronx-native talks diva-hood (or lack thereof), working with Kate Hudson, and loving The Real Housewives Of New York.


  • Natalea

    Loving this! So stunning. And the blazer is uh-mazing.

  • ceebee

    I love Lea, I think she’s styled fabulously although she tries fairly hard in photoshots and sometimes on red carpets. I don’t like her in Marchesa and for a while that’s all she was wearing, but it’s a horrible label that cheapens a lot of starlets. But usually she just gorgeous.