All Aboard The Hoverboard


So, back in February Mattel announced that they would be manufacturing a real life hoverboard just like the one featured in the film Back to the Future II. The board, they said, would be an exact scale replica … tho, unfortunately, it wouldn’t actually hover. In March, the company started taking pre-orders for the hoverboard and, of course, I placed my order. After all, I already have the shoes to go with it. Yesterday, my hoverboard arrived and, well, it was only one of the funnest days ever.

The board, I can tell you, is just the coolest thing ever! It comes in a brightly colored box and because it was pre-ordered, also came with a miniature hoverboard as well. The board plays sounds, just like the ones heard in the movie. While my Back to the Future Nike Air Mag Marty McFly shoes are still the coolest thing ever, this new hoverboard is the PERFECT compliment. Yes, I’m still pretty much a 13 year old kid.

Not sure what my plan is for today, Emma and I were talking about seeing a movie but I have a bunch of errands to run so … I’ll get out of the house, for sure. The rain finally went away and the sun is shining so … Happy Thursday!

  • ClaireMichelle


  • Vicky

    Too bad it doesn’t hover… that would be the coolest thing ever!

  • emily

    Ooh, your excitement is infectious. Zoooomm!

  • Dezden

    I have honestly never even seen the movie (Sorry! I don’t watch many movies.), but this is freakin’ cool.