A Real Life ‘Hunger Games’ Show Is Coming To TV


Coming soon to a TV near you, The CW will bring a competitive reality TV series that bears a striking resemblance to the fight-to-the-death competition in The Hunger Games … erm, you know, without all the fight-to-the-death stuff. Titled The Hunt, competitors will be dropped off in the wilderness where they will have to compete for food and water all while trying to capture one another — over the course of a full month. Sounds familiar, right? Click below to learn more.

The CW has ordered two new reality shows, including one that’s clearly Hunger Games-inspired. In The Hunt, 12 tributes teams of two are dropped into the wilderness without food, water or shelter. They must compete in a game where they’ll rely on their physicality, survival skills and hunting skills to endure the harsh conditions and kill “capture” one another. The second new CW reality series is called Perfect Score. This is a dating show where two friends compete to see who can pick their ideal mate from a group of– Yeah, so back to The Hunt. The competition lasts a full month and the winner will receive a cash prize. No premiere date is set. It’s been awhile since any reality show really made a successful run at a Survivor-style competition, so it will be interesting to see how this one turns out. The order follows The CW developing a drama series, The Selection, that’s been compared to The Hunger Games (the project is still alive, I’m told), and toying with the (ill-advised) idea of adapting ultra-violent Japanese cult favorite Battle Royale, which has a very similar storyline to The Hunger Games. Perhaps The Hunt will be a way for the network to capitalize (Capitolize?) on the hit franchise, like The Vampire Diaries post-Twilight and Arrow post-Dark Knight. So who volunteers? Who volunteers as contestant?!

This is so awesome and … so wrong, right? I love The Hunger Games but should we really be championing the creation of Hunger Games type competition? I know the contestants aren’t killing one another but … I dunno, it’s weird right? It really sounds like The CW has a boner for all things Hunger Games with their plan to bring a HG-inspired reality AND drama series to TV. But, despite the weirdness, I think I might like The Hunt, at least the way it sounds here. What do y’all think about this? Does this sound like a good idea to you?


  • Megan

    Sounds pretty cool. They better give really good psych evaluations though. I can just see some hard-core hunger games fan treating it like it’s real and trying to kill someone.

    • aubrey

      I agree! And can they please have rules on “capturing” (i.e. nothing that can separate a limb– rope around a hand, foot, etc..); nothing that can compete with Walking Dead’s gore please.

  • ClaireMichelle

    And we take another step toward becoming the Capitol ourselves…

    • Joan

      We learned nothing….

  • Alan Eckert


  • haley

    omg i sooo wanna be in that show! or another hunger games movie…. IM JUST SO ATTCHED TO THE HUNGER GAMES!