Crystal Harris Shows Off Her New Engagement Ring


Earlier this month we learned that Hugh Hefner and his formerly estranged fiancée Crystal Harris got themselves re-engaged to be married. A couple of days later, we learned that the couple quickly secured a marriage license because they plan to get married on New Year’s. Today we get to see Crystal’s new engagement ring. Harris showed off some photos of her second engagement ring on her official Twitter profile and as you can see below, it’s much more blingy than the first engagement ring that Hef gave her back in 2010.

My beautiful ring from @hughhefner

As you might remember, Crystal was spotted at a high end jewelry story inquiring how much she could get for selling her first engagement ring. It’s unknown if Crystal actually pawned off the ring or if she ultimately decided to keep it but now that she has a second ring, with more diamonds, I guess it’s a moot point. So, we know that Hef and Crys have set a date, secured a marriage license and have a new engagement ring. I’m guessing we’ll see the invitation and/or the wedding dress soon … then we hold our breath and see if the lovebirds actually make it to the altar this time.


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    i feel like this should be an outkast meme… “yo girl, so i heard you like diamonds… so we put diamonds on your diamonds”