Watch: ‘Superman: Man Of Steel’ Releases A Second Movie Trailer


Back in July we got our first look at the first video footage from the forthcoming superhero film Man of Steel, due out next Summer. As you may recall, the footage we saw came bay way of a teaser trailer that was released for San Diego Comic Con and that teaser was pretty artsy. Today we get to see a second trailer for Man of Steel and it’s far less artsy and more movie trailery. This new trailer gives us a very good feel for what the plotline of Man of Steel might be (and yes, we get to see Superman in handcuffs). I’ve watched the clip a few times already, it looks really good I think. Don’t you?

  • ceebee

    I actually am quite excited for this! For one thing, Kate Bosworth’s not in it and Christopher Nolan is producing – trailer super promising! DC should do well on the success of The Dark Knight Rises (and would assume Henry Cavill will be in Justice League along with JGL?), yummy cast developing at this stage!

  • Brent

    i cannot wait. Superman is hands down my favorite.

  • Paul

    Opening shot of the trailer is definitely a Sunset Boulevard homage.

  • Courtney

    SOO EXCITED! For sure a win. and looks 10 times better than the last Superman movie