Lindsay Lohan Reportedly Plans To Skip Court In Order To Follow The Wanted On Tour


So we know that Lindsay Lohan successfully stalked the boy band The Wanted so that she could finally get her hands on the object of her affection, singer Max George. But it looks like L. Lo is going for the gold in the Groupie Olympics because she has apparently decided to skip out on going to court to answer new criminal charges leveled against her so that she can follow the boy band on tour to London and Dubai. In the long history of Lindsay’s bad decision-making, this falls RIGHT IN LINE with her modus operandi. Sooooo … yeah.

After attending shows in New York, Philadelphia and Boston, Lindsay Lohan is following rumored flame Max George and his band The Wanted all the way to London and Dubai for their upcoming shows. According to E! News, the actress will be skipping her scheduled court appearance this morning in LA over her handful of recent charges. Her lawyer Shawn Holley will appear on her behalf instead. Lohan is not required to show up in person since the charges – lying to a police officer and a count of reckless driving for her June car crash in California – are misdemeanors. Perhaps being abroad will take her mind off her brushes with the law. The “Liz & Dick” star has been The Wanted’s biggest groupie lately, as she tweeted yesterday: “I heart the UK” At Philly’s Q102 Jingle Ball, where the Wanted was on the bill with Psy and Justin Bieber, Lohan was seen backstage in the band’s dressing room, and then grabbed a late-night snack with the boys after they performed hits including “Glad You Came.” Lohan was referred to as “their guest” to others backstage, spies said … George recently spoke about Lohan to New York’s Z100: “I think we’ve proved to ourselves, if we can stay out of trouble and keep her out of trouble this week, then we’re obviously outstanding citizens of the community, and we’ve managed to do both, so I’m quite proud of that.”

Sigh. I mean, it’s clear that Lindsay has no intention on EVER making the right decision where her well-being is concerned. Altho she isn’t required to show up in court this time, it would probably look really good to the judge deciding her fate if she were to appear before the bench in a contrite fashion. Choosing, instead, to follow a band (a boy band, for chrissakes) on tour doesn’t really show the court that she gives a damn about the charges leveled against her. It sounds like she’s having fun but it also sounds like the guys in The Wanted are having fun of their own (especially Max George who, I’m sure, is getting everything he can from Lindsay’s overbearing affections). With opposing boy band One Direction getting the lion’s share of the attention here in the US (mainly from those cute Pepsi commercials), I can see why The Wanted would want to talk about their association with Lohan every chance they get. I mean, isn’t this the most you’ve heard about The Wanted in, like, ever? It’s hard for me not to shake my head every time I hear a new update on Lindsay’s groupie evolution but I guess being a sad groupie is better than being a … well, whatever Lindsay was before last week.

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  • fab4runner

    Isn’t she still on some kind of probation that would prohibit her from leaving the country? I honestly have no idea…it’s so hard to keep track. I just recall that she had to get special permission to go to NY earlier this year, right?

  • swile71

    Those that are surprised by her actions raise your hands.

    • kendra

      Nothing but tumbleweeds.. ;)

  • Deb Hodgon

    So funny. I love it! Even funnier, anyone who would want to be associated with her.

    • Joan

      I think they are rolling with the punches…I mean, I think they are playing her HARD right now. I’m almost certain she’s taking this 100% more serious than they are.

  • Lulu

    At least that’s the happiest she’s looked in a long time.. there’s that, right??

    Before this I would have said hands down I prefer The Wanted to One Direction(ugh).. but I seriously don’t get their motives here other than bad publicity. blech.

  • Krissy

    “I mean, isn’t this the most you’ve heard about The Wanted in, like, ever?”

    Seriously! This is a user-meets-user situation. I just can’t imagine anyone wanting to have sexy time with LL. She is just so dirty and overly used by this point.

  • Jennifer Wilson

    i would not follow a boy who wears a ‘you mad bro?’ tee shirt around the world. but. i would also not date a girl who punches psychics in the face.

    • Krissy

      Very well said, I completely agree!

  • Sloppy Joe Manana

    Isn’t Dubai SUPER strict about drugs and alcohol? I’ve never been, but from what I’ve heard from friends this mess won’t last a minute… All she has to do is stumble drunk down the sidewalk or get behind the wheel a wee bit buzzed (which, let’s be real, are her two main hobbies) and she’ll be thrown in jail. That is, if they don’t just stop her at the border with her suitcase of Adderall and cocaine.

    • eiBeauty

      Yes Dubai is strict but Lyndsey has been here before with her girlfriend Samantha for the opening of the Atlantis Hotel so she knows what to expect. That said, she can drink her heart out as long as she doesn’t drive!

  • ceebee

    Maybe all this silly broad needs is a distraction? At this stage, any intervention from her current spiral must be good, right? Doesn’t say much for her current state though…

  • Magan

    Lindsay is scewing around because she knows that nothing is going to happen. And she’s right, she’ll get a slap on the wrist like always! And even if she does get jail time, she’ll be in and out in a matter of a few hours, at the most, a couple of weeks. This girl is never gonna learn unles she actually does real time! That will never happen! So Lindsay will continue to do whatever the hell she wants because the courts let her get away away with it! Until that stops, Lindsay won’t either!

  • Rachel

    “if we can …keep her out of trouble this week, then we’re obviously outstanding citizens of the community,”

    BAHAHAHA!! Even the band admits that she’s a trainwreck and a liability. Wow.

  • Wynter

    Forget the drugs. THIS warrants an intervention.