Watch: The Australian Radio DJs Behind The ‘Kate Middleton Hospital Phone Prank’ Speak Out


Last week we heard some really tragic news when a nurse named¬†Jacintha Saldanha committed suicide after being the victim of a hospital prank that resulted in one of Kate Middleton’s attending nurses speaking to radio DJs (on air) about the Duchess’s health. No real, intimate information was given but the situation was an embarrassment for the hospital, and many people are linking this embarrassment to Jacintha’s suicide. Personally, I think suicide is a complicated decision; no one situation should be singled out as the cause of Jacintha’s untimely death. As Trent reported, the Australian DJs responsible for the prank have since been taken off the air, but both of them recently gave an interview to A Current Affair, ¬†explaining their actions and expressing their deep regret. Click the video above to learn more.


  • SittingPat

    Crocodile tears. Wasn’t the prank call running on a loop before this?

  • Jennifer Wilson

    i stopped listening when they kept saying it was out of their hands. they just recorded it, no biggie.

    at least own your shit. i dont think the nurse killed herself because of this call, but clearly it was the last straw for her. the djs need to recognize that and take responsibility.

    also- who the hell still even listens to commercial radio anymore??

  • Tania Quinn

    I feel like after the nurse divulged some info on Kate, the DJs should have known not to air something like that. That information could have gotten the nurse in trouble or even fired. That is Kate’s private health information and should have not made its way onto the air.

  • Ella

    If you listen to the interview, the decision to air the conversation was not up to them. I think it’s obvious that they feel some responsibility for what happened. The thing is….I’m not sure that this is entirely their fault.
    This nurse had to have been suffering from some mental disorder. If it wasn’t this prank phone call, it would have been something else.